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DEEP WATER DIFFUSED AERATION SYSTEMS FOR YOUR LAKE AND POND. Diffused Pond Aeration Is the Single Best Tool for Freshwater Management. High Quality, Low Maintenance, Diffused Aeration System for Your Lake/pond. the Ac-La2 System Is a Quiet, Efficient Workhorse for Your Aquatic Environment. This Pond Aeration System Works to Clean and Clear Up the Entire Water Column. Excellent for Your Pond Fish, This Air Pump for Pond Aeration and Kit Is a Necessity for All Pond Owners.
INJECTING OXYGEN INTO THE WATER SUPERCHARGES THE ECOSYSTEM, Allowing for Excellent Water Quality, Bigger/healthier Fish, and the Elimination of Nuisance Algae Blooms. the Ac-La2 Pond Aeration Systems Comes With a Pond Air Compressor Rocking Piston Design. 2 X 100ft Rolls of 3/8in Weighted Airline, 2 X Rugged High Efficiency Pond Air Diffuser S, and a Pole Mounted Cabinet.
2-YEAR COMPRESSOR WARRANTY-5yr Warranty on All Other Parts! US Solar Mounts Products are 100% ENGINEERED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Durable American Made Components Assembled With Pride for Long-Lasting Performance in Any Conditions. Rugged Diffuser Const: Stainless Steel Base for Stability and Longevity. This Fine Bubble Diffuser Produces 2-3mm Bubbles. Built-In Strain Relief, Check Valve and Handle/tie-Off Integrated Into the Base Construction for Easy Installation & Cleaning, of Diffuser.
PROPER AERATION EFFICIENTLY DEGREASE SEVERITY OF ALGAE BLOOMS, Prevents Fish Kills, Eliminates Odors, Degrades and Facilitates Decomposition of Organ Sediment (Muck). Primarily: Proper Diffused Aeration Changes the Ecosystem Which Enables Higher Value Organisms to Utilize Your Waterbody. Decrease Mosquitos and Increase the Size and Improve Health of Your Fish. Increase the Carrying Capacity of Your Pond: Increased Oxygen Levels Will Allow Your Pond to Carry More Fish. THREE TIMES MORE FISH!
Delivering dissolved oxygen to bottom sediments: When bottom sediments are in the presence of abundant dissolved oxygen the entire ecosystem works better. Organic material breaks down faster and nutrients move up the food chain more efficiently. This is an ideal pond aeration kit for Your Pond.

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