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(as of May 15,2020 21:19:44 UTC – Details)

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COMMEMORATIVE – In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Space Rocket is a precision screwdriver kit modeled after the Saturn V rocket that brought humankind to the moon. In the spirit of that milestone of innovation, the Magnet Driver Space Rocket set provides you the capability to repair your personal appliances.
DIY NECESSITY – The Space Rocket comes with a multitude of bits for a variety of repairs. With a thin frame, and 4 adjustable heights (180mm, 160mm, 140mm, and 120mm) the Space Rocket can easily fit in narrow or tight spaces. Quickly repair your glasses, mobilephone, laptop or tablet, and so much more!
MAGNETIC GRIP – With 5 mini magnet drivers, the Space Rocket will hold the screw on the tip. The neodymium magnet placed on the outer ridge works more consistently and holds better than traditional magnetized tips.
EFFICIENT – No more lost screws! With the Space Rocket and included magnet drivers, keeping your screws in place has never been easier. Fumbling with smaller appliance screws, such as a mobilephone can lead to massive headache trying to find those tiny screws. Utilizing the magnet drivers, you will never lose a screw again.
UNIVERSAL – With a mix of available bits, the Space Rocket can repair just about any small appliance. From computers, glasses, cell phones, cameras and more, the Space Rocket has the precision needed to repair your small appliances. The included organization mat helps you keep track of your project, ensuring a smooth landing.

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