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Descriptions:Software Features:1, can be slotted automatic compensation, automatic identification and cutting, automatic generation into lead. Reasonable row renewal, inner hole is preferred.2, according to the actual cutting requirements, optional change into lead position, change the direction of cutting and cutting sequence, the maximum limit reduced thermal deformation.3, can the same layout all kinds of graphics, make steel achieve maximum utilization.
4, can be common cutting, reducing cutting line, material saving time.5, after composing, can be simulated; 6, can set any Angle steel plate for origin. Mechanical structure features:1, stand high strength aluminum alloy assembly synthesis, good stability, not deformation, beautiful and easy.2, a new combined chassis structure design, cross arm and master station and machinery and CNC parts can be decomposed and combination.
Chassis external equipped with USB interface, control cable interface, plasma arc striking interface, inside the case to avoid high temperature and with fan cooling, ensure the stable operation of the machine.3, beams using special aluminum alloy industrial profiles, light weight, no deformation. Beam can tear open outfit, convenient the transfer and the packing and shipping, and can ensure the beam vertical degree no change
4, more human master station, directly face cutting site, the maximum widened work perspective; 5, walking part adopts precision gapless gear, rack driving, guarantee the accuracy, eliminate the gap. 6, motor using stepping motor drive technology, and using high subdivision drive, high accuracy, smooth operation; 7, beam top increase stainless steel square tube,Convenient plasma cable fixed and more human.
Product main technical performance indicators:1, cutting shape: programmable cutting line and arc consists of arbitrary planar shape steel parts;2, cutting method: plasma/flame; 3, driving mode: single drive; 4, the cutting precision: national standard JB/T10045.3-99 (+ / – 0.5 MM); 5, control accuracy: + / – 0.001 MM; 6, cutting speed: 0-1500 mm/min; 7, cutting format: transverse cutting 1500 mm, longitudinal cutting: 2500 mm

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