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Part Time Jobs for Extra Income in 2019 | पार्ट टाइम जॉब से कमाओ | Earn Passive Money | Work from home.Freelance work

Hello friends in this video we have discussed about part time jobs which you all can do to earn extra income along with your full time job. these are best part time passive income earning sources. in many part time jobs you can work from home. you can work on many freelancing jobs to earn money from home. there are many legitimate freelancing website to earn money online from home.

you can teach your skills to others and earn very good money.
you can create online courses which can create passive income for you.
you can teach at various coaching centres and earn good money.
you can do freelancing jobs from home to generate extra income. there are many data entry freelancing jobs,content writing freelancing jobs,typing freelancing jobs. you can learn basics of share market and earn good money by trading in share market. you can invest for long term in share market ans earn good money. you can teach share market courses and earn money.

you can create blogs and youtube channel. blogs can make you earn money online through adsense,affiliate marketing,digital marketing.

so all these are few of the passive money generation ideas which can provide you extra income in 2019.



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