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Lantern Festival, also known as “Shangyuan Festival” and “Spring Lantern Festival”, is the first important festival after the Spring Festival. Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the Lantern Festival. Eating yuanxiao, tasting yuanxiao, the fragrance of Lantern Festival is floating; guessing lantern riddles, playing dragon lantern, jubilant and good mood; walking on stilts, rowing boat, colorful life show smile.


Valentine’s day belongs to the western festival, the origin has many kinds of views. One theory is that in ancient Rome, tyrants banned weddings, and a man named Valentine, in spite of the ban, secretly helped people to marry. As a result, he was found and finally put to death. The day of his death happened to be February 14. To commemorate Valentine’s day, February 14 was designated as Valentine’s day, which later became Valentine’s day. On this day, gifts such as chocolates and flowers are given to lovers or lovers to express their love. It was originally a western festival, but it was celebrated by young people in China. I don’t understand


. Let’s talk about the traditional Lantern Festival. The main character of the Lantern Festival is Yuanxiao or tangyuan. “Yuanxiao” is the appellation of northerners, while that of the south is “Tangyuan” or “tangtuan”. The two processing methods are different, Yuanxiao should be “rolling” and Tangyuan “Baotou”. The stuffing of the Lantern Festival is small cubes, which are usually mixed with green and red silk, peanuts, sesame oil, jam and sugar, and then mashed, pressed and chopped. Dip the stuffing in some water and shake it in a bamboo basket filled with glutinous rice flour. Roll it fast. The bigger the roll is, the more round it will be. The scene will be like rolling a mini snowball. The Lantern Festival will be formed gradually. To make Tangyuan, you need to mix glutinous rice flour into flour, pull a small ball of wet noodles, and knead into the shape of a round piece. Then put the stuffing on the glutinous rice slices and knead the dough in the palm of your hand while pinching the mouth. In this way, a smooth dumpling will be fine.


small Yuanxiao and Tangyuan symbolize reunion, happiness and happiness, bearing the Chinese nation’s two thousand years of food civilization and good wishes. Eat yuanxiao, tangyuan also do not forget health:


1, Yuanxiao do “supporting role”. The “skin” of Yuanxiao or Tangyuan is made of glutinous rice. The starch contained in glutinous rice is amylopectin, which is difficult to digest and absorb in the intestines and stomach. Therefore, it is not appropriate to take Yuanxiao or Tangyuan as the staple food and eat a large amount of food. The principle is to eat an appropriate amount. Pay attention to the “filling” trap. In addition to black sesame, bean paste, osmanthus, red beans and other main ingredients, a lot of animal fat is used. 2 liang of black sesame dumplings contain 311 kcal and 13.8 g fat, while other nutrients contain less. Eating more will increase your energy intake. For the sake of healthy weight, don’t lose “big” because of “small”. It is very important to control sugar. In order to meet the needs of high blood sugar friends, many businesses launched sugar free tangyuan. In sugar free dumplings, xylitol was used instead of sucrose, but the content of carbohydrate and oil did not decrease. Compared with the traditional Lantern Festival, xylitol had less effect on blood glucose.

4. Glutinous rice is relatively sticky, children are prone to Yuanxiao or Tangyuan sticking to the esophagus and blocking the respiratory tract and accidents. Children eat dumplings, parents must take good care of it. It is best to divide the dumplings into small pieces and give them to eat. After eating one mouthful, they can eat another.

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