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do not know when to start, the market appeared emerald green kelp. This kind of kelp looks good-looking, soak it in the water, in less than 10 minutes, it will turn brown, but the original clear water suddenly turned green.

it turns out that most of the green kelp is dyed with a dye called basic magenta green (commonly known as malachite green). The dyeing method is very simple. The basic magenta and sodium bisulfite are mixed together, and then the kelp is soaked in the dye. As long as one night, brown kelp will become green. However, these dyes are toxic and cannot be used in food. They can accumulate in the human body. If you eat too much, the risk of cancer will be greatly increased.


can start from the following aspects.

first, look at the color. Good kelp is dark brown or brown green, worse is yellowish brown, but in any case can not be turquoise green. Don’t believe what “green kelp is a new variety”, the beautiful emerald green is the role of dyes.

second, look at the shape. Good kelp leaves long and wide, fleshy thick, without roots, sand and impurities are very few.

third, wash. You should wash the kelp after you buy it home. Observe the water for washing kelp. If the water changes color, don’t eat it. Dyed kelp will fade after blistering. In another case, if the outer layer of kelp falls off after blistering, it means that the kelp is not fresh, so don’t eat it.

generally speaking, there are few dyed dried kelp. If conditions permit, you can buy dried kelp home to bubble hair, and those with frost are often of better quality. ▲

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