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in our body lives a Mr. stomach, he is an important organ in our digestive tract. His job is that when food comes into his house, it will break up large pieces into small pieces, help the protein digest initially, and kill most of the bacteria that enter his home. But we are now living a fast pace of life, work pressure, if coupled with irregular meals, overeating, smoking and drinking, it is easy to make our stomach husband sick. Mr. Wei is ill. That’s a problem. What you do to Mr. stomach, Mr. stomach will do to you. How is your Mr. stomach?


are so-called stomach diseases, “three points of treatment, seven points of nourishment”, diet conditioning is very important for patients with stomach diseases. What we call nourishing the stomach, one is for the diet treatment of patients with stomach diseases, the other is a health care and prevention for healthy people in our stomach. Can ordinary honey nourish the stomach? 】

Westerners often use the word “honey” in their life to address the important people around them, expressing as dear or baby. The original meaning of the word is honey. We all know honey is very sweet, so what’s the difference between honey and sugar? First of all, let’s take a look at the ingredients of honey. Honey is a highly complex saturated solution of sugars stored in the honeybee’s nest after being fully brewed and mixed with plant nectar and salivary gland secretions. Sugar accounts for more than 75%, mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose. To put it bluntly, the essence of honey can be considered sugar. In addition, honey also contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, pigments, higher alcohols of aromatic substances, gum, bee pollen, hormones, etc. Because honey also contains amylase, sucrase, protease and other enzymes, so the market to use this feature to speculation, say how about the health effect of honey. In fact, in the process of passing through our digestive organ, the stomach, enzymes in food will be denatured and inactivated under the action of gastric acid, thus losing its original decomposition function. The essence of most enzymes is protein, so it is easy to denaturate and lose catalytic effect under high temperature conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to wash honey water with cold water or warm water. If it is mixed with other food before eating, it may play a certain role in digestion. But we drink honey water, honey inside less, and through the stomach acid of this obstacle, so the effect is very small.

in addition, honey contains high sugar content, often drink honey water will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. If their own gastric acid secretion is more, such as gastric ulcer crowd, drinking honey water not only does not nourish the stomach, but will aggravate the disease. If you have less gastric acid secretion, such as superficial gastritis, you can drink some light honey water every day to help digestion. For healthy people, drinking honey water every day is helpful for moistening the intestines and defecation, protecting the heart and liver, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. In traditional Chinese medicine, honey has the function of nourishing and moistening the lung, moistening the intestines and defecating. From this point of view, honey in defecation angle is the same in China and the west, but to remember, the main component of honey is sugar, eat more still will grow fat. It can be seen from this that whether ordinary honey can nourish the stomach varies from person to person, and it can not be used blindly to nourish the stomach.

[where is the “special” of New Zealand honey? 】

let’s take a look at New Zealand honey. Manuka honey, the national treasure of New Zealand, is known as a good food for nourishing the stomach because it contains the active substance of germicidal and anti-oxidation. Some stomach diseases are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. Some data show that Domaine can kill the bacteria causing stomach diseases, which is the basis for New Zealand honey to nourish the stomach. Let’s see if we can nourish the stomach simply from the perspective of Domaine.

1. The daily intake of honey is small, and it is highly diluted, so the effect may not be good;

2. For gastric disease patients with more gastric acid secretion, is domenicin really able to kill these bacteria?

3, not all stomach diseases are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection;

4. There is a single wheat element index in this honey. The higher the value, the better the health care effect. If you buy a smaller value, the effect is not necessarily good;

5. Is the honey you bought true? (recently, it was reported that the imported Manuka honey not only failed to detect antioxidant bioactive substances, but also found that syrup and sucrose were added to make inferior products. According to statistics, the annual output of Manuka honey in New Zealand is about 1700 tons, while the export of Manuka honey to various countries has reached 10000 tons

therefore, from the perspective of Domaine, the treatment of stomach disease is not reliable! Combined with the stomach nourishing effect of ordinary honey, you can imagine. If you buy genuine Manuka honey, and the content of Domaine is very high, and you have atrophic gastritis, these three situations happen to work, but it is unnecessary to gamble on this effect at a high price. Although the effect of


honey may not be very good in nourishing stomach, it is still good in improving immunity and delaying aging because of its strong antioxidant effect. But then again, we can get these antioxidants through our daily diet (such as dark vegetables and fruits). Why buy honey, which is expensive and not essential in our diet? General honey does not nourish the stomach of healthy people, but aggravates the condition of people with more gastric acid secretion, and has a small stomach nourishing effect on atrophic gastritis.


2, New Zealand honey and common honey have little difference in the effect of nourishing stomach, but they are better in other health care aspects. Because of the high price, it is still recommended that we do what we can to achieve the goal of health through a balanced diet.

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although honey does not nourish the stomach, here are some precautions to protect our stomach. “K

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