is known to all that vegetables have high nutritional value, rich in vitamins, fiber and other nutrients, and every family’s table is no table without vegetables. But eating vegetables is also a lot of taboo, if you eat the wrong way, not only can not get the nutrition you want, but also may cause harm to the human body! As we all know, potatoes with sprouts can’t be eaten. The following seven wrong ways to eat vegetables are absolutely unacceptable.

1. Often eat tomatoes before meals.

tomatoes should be eaten after meals. This can make the stomach acid and food mix, greatly reduce the acidity, avoid gastric pressure rise caused by gastric distention. Carrot and radish are mixed together to make mud sauce. Don’t grind carrot and radish into mud sauce. Because, carrot contains enzyme that can destroy vitamin C, can destroy vitamin C in radish completely.


3. To eat the bean sprouts that have not been fried, the bean sprouts are tender, delicious and nutritious, but they must be fried when eating. Otherwise, there will be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions after eating.


4. The cooked leek should be stored for a long time. It is better to make and eat the leek now, but not for a long time. If stored for a long time, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, causing toxic reaction. In addition, people with dyspepsia had better not eat leek.


5. Eating spinach frequently


spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, which should not be eaten more. Oxalic acid can form calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate with calcium and zinc in human body, which is not easy to be absorbed and discharged from the body, which affects the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestinal tract, and easily leads to calcium and zinc deficiency.

6. Green leafy vegetables should not be stewed for a long time when eating them. Otherwise, the nitrate in green leaf vegetables will change into nitrite, which is easy to cause food poisoning.

7. The quick-frozen vegetables are cooked too long. Most of the quick-frozen vegetables

have already been rinsed. It is not necessary to cook them too long, or they will rot and lose a lot of nutrition.

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