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DIY Halloweenmask using RGB LED Infinity Mirrors controlled with an Arduino Nano. Fully customizeable, all colors and different glowing patterns possible.

Actually, I’m not even building that mask for myself. It’s for my friend who is going out on a Halloween party while I’m going to stay in my nerd cave at home. Priorities.

Material list:
KOTOR mask:
Light Strip –
Arduino Nano –
Resistor (330R) & Capacitor –
Reflective foil –
Powerbank –
3D printing Filament –
3D printer –
Soldering Station –
I had that mirror at home and got the acrylic glass from a local hardware store. In addition, you’ll need tonnes of hot glue. And something to keep that thing on your head (I used a head mount for the GoPro and two screws).

Arduino Code:

Don’t forget to add the NeoPixel Library.

Thanks for watching!


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