eats shrimp in the next year, the shrimp is fresh and nutritious. It can be fried and fried, and can be used with a variety of vegetables. But when it comes to how to wash shrimp, many people will be in trouble. Compared with shrimps and crayfish, river shrimp is much smaller and inconvenient to wash. Here are some tips for washing shrimp.

step 1: buy river shrimp, soak in

first. If you buy live river shrimp from the market, you can put a small amount of salt in the water, soak the river shrimp for 10-20 minutes, and then rinse it with water.

step 2: Brush shrimp abdomen

if there are higher requirements for shrimp cleaning, you can use a small toothbrush to brush the shrimp abdomen. If the shrimp is clean, this step can be omitted. Step 3 of


: the emphasis of


is coming. The rectum of river shrimp is located on the back and is full of digestive residue. If it is not cleaned, it is easy to eat into the stomach. Removing the shrimp line is a very important part of shrimp washing. Here are three ways to remove the shrimp line. Remove the shrimp line from the head. Cut off the head from the shrimp brain, pick out the shrimp brain with scissors and bring out some shrimp intestines; then subtract the shrimp tail with a little bit of meat, pinch the back of the shrimp and squeeze out the remaining shrimp intestines. Take out the shrimp line from the back. From the head down to the third section of the position, insert a toothpick about 3mm to pick out the shrimp line; you can also use scissors to cut the shrimp back and directly pick out the rectum. This method can make the shrimp taste more delicious.

3. When the shrimp is cooked to a semi cooked level, the back of the shrimp is easy to arch up, and the rectum can be easily picked out from the back for secondary processing.

the above is the detailed method of how to wash river shrimp. Now it is a good time to eat shrimp. Don’t forget to clean the shrimp before enjoying the delicious food.

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