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Monster VR Headset is the best Virtual reality headset in India for all mobiles.

Monster has the Best Features.

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Irusu VR Box headset is the best virtual reality headset in India at the best price.

Monster VR box headset has the best features

1.Advanced Touch Button

2.Adjustable HD lenses

3.Adjustable Headstrap

4.42MM Bigger HD lens
5.Removable front panel for ventilation

6. You can remove the front panel and can use it for AR.

Monster Virtual Reality Headset can be used for the following

1. It can be used for watching Videos (360 videos,3D SBS Videos, and normal Videos)
2. VR Box can be used for playing games.

3. You can use this VR headset for visiting places all over the world sitting at home with the help of this.

4.It can be used to overcome fears such as stage fears and heights phobia.

5. Students Can learn the subjects using VR Headsets better than before. This VR technology creates interest in students to learn more about their academics.


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