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When it comes to steamed rice,

is sure that many people will say that there are some skills. Don’t you just cook white rice? You know what? If the cooking method is correct or not, the taste of rice will be different. What are the skills of cooking? Let’s have a look!

is the most important choice of rice

1, the best choice of new rice, mildewed and bacterial infection rate is small, taste is also better. The larger the white spot, the lower the protein content and the higher the starch content. The hardness of rice is determined by the protein content. The stronger the hardness of rice, the higher the protein content and the better the transparency. Therefore, it is better to choose rice with higher hardness.

rice practice

first of all, wash rice gently, do not wash too many times, in order to avoid nutrient loss, had better not more than three times. After washing, if there is time, the rice should be soaked in cold water for 1 hour, so that the rice grains can fully absorb water. Rice cooking is rice and water ratio of 1:1.2, with the index finger into the rice water, as long as the water is beyond the meter, the first joint of the index finger can be used.


need to be added for cooking. The


rice are extremely inclusive and can be cooked together with various materials (I don’t have any objection to say that rice and noodles are added). Nowadays, rice processing has gone through various processes, so the nutrition also has a certain loss. Therefore, adding other coarse grains to cook together with rice will play a complementary role. Among them, the combination of beans and rice is the most ideal, because beans contain rich dietary fiber, and the starch digestion speed is very slow, which is the most effective for the prevention of chronic diseases.

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