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I would love to show you how to make money selling second hand clothes or other items online. Want to know more on how to resell your clothes or items faster? These are my top tips and tricks to get the fastest sale for your item!

I don’t have a 9 to 5 job but I work from home selling used clothing that I find at thrift stores. I usually look for big brands and you can find them at a very good price then resell them online for a large profit.

When I first started learning how to sell clothes online I found it hard but I started using these tips I’m about to share in this video and it made it a-lot easier for me. I love teaching you how to make money buying and selling clothes.

In this video, I’ll talk about tips that will help you learn how to make money selling second hand clothes online. Also, the best place to sell clothes for cash would be eBay or any buy and sell website will work. These tips will help you sell your item fast and get that money! Ive used a Gucci t-shirt to explain how to do this.

– Have a clear image for your item on your listing
– Focus on the description of the product – keywords are key!!!
– Research the price of the item
– Free shipping….include the shipping in price
– List the item on multiple buy and sell websites, Ebay, Trademe, Designer Wardrobe, Gumtree, Craigs List etc.

This stuff works and I hope these tips help you start a clothing business online selling stuff you find at the thrift shop!

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