what is Laba garlic?


pickled Laba garlic is a traditional snack mainly popular in the north, especially in North China. It is a festival food custom of Laba Festival. Garlic is prepared on the eighth day of the lunar month. What are the benefits of

eating Laba garlic?

Laba garlic belongs to a kind of pickled food in a strict sense. In the process of pickling, various components in garlic react with those in vinegar at low temperature to produce two sulfur-containing pigments, blue and yellow. The two kinds of pigments are superimposed to show green. The more beautiful and even the green is, the better the pickled garlic is. Therefore, in the process of pickling Laba garlic, netizens have to pay more attention to it We don’t need to be afraid of green.


as we all know, allicin in garlic has a very strong pungent smell, and also has good anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Compared with raw garlic, Laba garlic is sour and sweet, with garlic flavor but not spicy, which has the effect of relieving greasy and fishy smell and helping digestion. In addition, the nutrition of Laba garlic has no loss and is harmless to health. And because pickled garlic on the gastrointestinal stimulation weakened, adapt to the crowd more widely. What is more worth mentioning is that after curing, the antioxidant activity of Laba garlic is very high, even better than that of ginseng. For women, eating garlic properly is not only good for health, but also can resist old beauty. How to do


Laba garlic?

ingredients: 400 grams of Purple Garlic, 500 grams of original rice vinegar.


1 Put the garlic cloves into a clean glassware, add rice vinegar until all garlic is soaked in, seal the bottle tightly, and store at low temperature until all garlic petals turn green.

pickled Laba garlic with what vinegar? What vinegar is better for


to soak Laba garlic? Vinegar with high acidity, of course. Because after adding garlic, the acidity of vinegar will decrease due to dilution. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the vinegar with total acidity higher than 4.50% in the supermarket (the package of vinegar has the description of total acidity), so it is better to be successful.

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