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How to make some extra money from home, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in school or have a 9-5 job.

Don’t forget, side hustles make you money and hobbies take money from you. Bn

1. The standard selling things online you always hear
– Dropshipping, Shopify( your own store), Retail arbitraged with Amazon
Example Dropshipping is cool, you put on an item on eBay that is for sale on Amazon for a lower price, and then you resell it for a higher value without ever having to
I made: 20k in one month in sales ( with a 20% profit margin, around 4k profit)
Example: Shopify: Build out your own store with multiple products or just one you can source from Alibaba and sell it for a profit
You can make: I’ve seen people like Alex becker have students pull in 20-150k a month in sales.
Example: Retail arbitrage: Which is basically going to discount stores like Marshalls and Burlington, buying those products and selling them on amazon for the retail price and keeping the profit.
You Can make: 100+ per haul depending on what you get
– Poshmark: reselling for fashion, you can sell and buy clothes for good deals, pretty solid if you want to buy and resell kicks, or go to goodwills and flea markets and then sell those items
Tip: This for business not for buying fancy cloths
– eBay
Example: Used items, collector items and usually things you can’t really find on amazon.
I made: I made 900+ this month, selling my old electronics
– Etsy: Is more hand made craft items, which means you can charge a premium. Engravings, hand made jewellery and so on
Can make: I meant a cab driver who was selling energy ball bracelet for 50 bucks a pop and put on on Etsy ( yes I said energy ball)

Real work Online:
Tutoring: Online tutoring and doing peoples essays using websites like
– Tutor.com
– Papercoach.com
– Chegg.com
Can make: Some pay by commission + hourly so that’s pretty awesome
Tip: take courses in popular high paying tutor topics
Youtube: Its what I do, you start a channel and start creating videos
Pay: When I had 30k subs I made 10k in one month
Tip: Highly recommend graham course on it
Courses: Online course my favourite
– You can make how to edit, how to cook, the best way to start a business course.
– You do that work once, and then you can keep selling
– Example Teachable, udemy and more
You can make: One lady made 60k by making a course about baking sour dough bread, in one year.

Free money: With little work
Amazon Reviews:
Example: You can do reviews on amazon products, and then get the items for free and resell them.
You can use: XXXXX
Blogger ( use keywords to find out what people are searching
Example: You can do amazon affiliate links and do reviews on your blog about the products and get a pad or create your own blog and get google ads revenue
Pay: depends on what you want to do/
Respondent: Beta testing/interview from home and outside | 140$ hourly/30m each interview

Cash Business:
Nail Business: I’ve seen people operate from home and has a client base
Cookies :
Some people bake cookies from home and ship it out
Example: My cousin does this, and she makes a full wage, her only complaint is that the more money comes in; eventually, she’ll need to hire help.
Cakes: I know cookies and cakes but… someone actually creates a cake bakery that sends your haters a cake with what they tweeted at you
Can make: 20-100 bucks per cake
Photography: You can turn your room into a studio or just shoot a wedding on the weekends.
Make: A friend of mine makes 1000+ per wedding, these people pay well
Tip: Craigslist, facebook, and friends to find clients

Freelancing: Side hustles
Fiverr: you can on this market place and find work, from editing to recording yourself
Tip: The better the skill, the better the pay
Upwork: Same as Fiverr, however more consistent work and longer projects
Online college or online certification
Freelance writing | 5 cents a word – 1$ | learn different styles (online)
– Dragon: to turn speech to words
– Blogs, product description and more
– Craigslist





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