we all know that refrigerators can prolong the shelf life of vegetables and make them fresher, but many people don’t know how to keep vegetables in refrigerators. Just put the vegetables in the fridge, OK? Of course not. Keep vegetables in the refrigerator. Pay attention to the following things. Pay attention to the temperature setting of refrigerator


. When storing vegetables, the lower the temperature of refrigerator is not the better. It is very important to adjust the temperature of refrigerator. In general, the storage temperature of vegetables in refrigerator should be 5-7 degrees. At the same time, do not put vegetables in special corners, it is best to open the refrigerator can see the place, in order to ensure that vegetables are fresh in time to eat, avoid long-term vegetables. In fact, the refrigerator is a drier environment than we think. Vegetables directly into the refrigerator will lose a lot of water and lose freshness. Therefore, in the vegetables, especially leafy vegetables into the refrigerator, should pay attention to maintain the moisture of vegetables. Specifically, vegetables should be put into plastic bags, and then put into the refrigerator. Vegetables purchased in supermarkets usually have an opening at one end, which should be wrapped with another belt and then put into the refrigerator to prevent the water loss of leafy vegetables.

3. Vegetables can also be placed in the posture of

. Most people directly throw things into the refrigerator when they save vegetables. However, Matsumura believes that “if you keep the posture in the field, you will lose less nutrition”. For example, wild vegetables can be preserved in a vertical way.

4. It is better to put the vegetables in the refrigerator after washing them.

it is better to put the vegetables in the refrigerator after washing them. This is because there is a lot of soil in vegetables, which contains parasites, eggs and other bacteria. It is not sanitary to buy vegetables directly into the refrigerator. It’s better to put it into the refrigerator after cleaning with plastic bags, which can save the next cooking time. However, it should be noted that after washing vegetables, it is best to control the moisture content before putting it into the refrigerator, so as to avoid the excess water causing the vegetables to rot. Finally,


should remind everyone that although the refrigerator can prolong the storage period of vegetables, some nutrients will still be lost in the process of preservation. Therefore, it is recommended that you should try to buy the same day and eat the same day, so as to minimize the nutritional loss.

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