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How to eat

snake skin fruit? The skin of this fruit is very similar to that of snake skin, so it is called snake skin fruit. The flesh of snake skin fruit is white, and the taste is crisp and tender. How to eat


1. Snakefruit can be eaten raw directly. It is the most common and simple way to eat it raw. Usually, people can remove the skin of the mature snake skin fruit after buying it, and take out the white flesh inside to eat it directly. There are seeds in the flesh, and they can spit them out and not eat.

2. Snakepeel can be salted and eaten The taste of

snake skin fruit is crisp and tender. It can be eaten after salting. When salting, you can choose edible salt or white sugar. The specific method is to remove the seeds from the snake skin flesh, put it in a small pot, add the appropriate amount of edible salt, and marinate for four or five hours. Remove the salted water, and then eat it directly with whole wheat bread OK.



snake skin fruit can also be fermented and made into fruit wine for human consumption. The specific method is to remove the skin and seeds, cut the flesh into blocks, add sugar and appropriate amount of liquor, mix well, and then seal fermentation. After 40 or 50 days, the snake skin fruit can be fermented well. At this time, take out the filter, and seal the wine. After about one, you can take it Drink.



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