How do women eat

to keep themselves 18 years old forever? There are ways. It depends on whether you are willing to follow. When you wake up in the morning, eat more food


, which is an important part of burning fat faster. Breakfast plays a decisive role in diet planning. When a person is sleeping, the rate of metabolism will reach the lowest. As you wake up in the morning, your metabolism will gradually return to normal.


wake up and eat breakfast faster, the faster the speed of metabolism. If you are a morning exercise enthusiast, make sure to eat a banana before exercise, and then eat breakfast after exercise. Tea or coffee can’t replace breakfast. Oatmeal mixed with fruit, or a cooked egg and a bowl of porridge and bread are good choices for breakfast. Don’t go to work empty handed if you don’t have time to eat breakfast. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast, you should prepare a coarse flour bread, a little fruit, such as banana and a bottle of yogurt, and bring it to the office. Similarly, when you are hungry, you can easily get a strong breakfast to “refuel” your work in time. Women who drink milk like children consume 60% more fat than those who don’t drink yogurt. What makes yogurt so magical is the rich calcium ions in yogurt. It acts as a catalyst for the body to burn fat faster. Yogurt with tofu, vegetables, Cereals, food, will play a better role. People who sleep 5-6 hours a day weigh 6-8 pounds more than those who sleep 7-8 hours a day. When normal sleep time is deprived, the body produces a lot of stress hormones to slow down the metabolism and increase appetite the next day. If you have to get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, you’d better go to bed at about 11 o’clock the night before yesterday. Don’t watch TV before going to bed. Take a hot bath or read a good novel. Exercise constantly


5. Daily exercise is divided into two parts, such as: strength training for 20 minutes in the morning and walking for half an hour after dinner. The metabolic rate will be doubled. That is to say, phased exercise is more likely to burn calories than one-time exercise. Take five minutes every hour to walk around, and it will also work. But don’t walk into such a misunderstanding, don’t think that exercise will work for a second.

6. A new scientific research shows that the key in the process of weight loss is not the amount of cellulose intake, but what kind of cellulose can play the best catalytic role in fat consumption in the process of digestion.


often eat healthy. Unprocessed fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread consume 80% more calories than those eating processed starch food. The fiber in unprocessed food is directly absorbed by the human body, while the processed fiber is decomposed into sugar and absorbed by the human body. With the increase of sugar in the body, it will also increase the ability of insulin to absorb fat, so as to accumulate fat in the body. Add more water before and after meals. Plenty of water should be added before and after meals. When the body is short of water, the level of metabolism will be reduced by 2% compared with the original. At this time, avoid tea, soda, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. With caffeine, the body absorbs only half of the water.

8. Spiritual food

those who want to have a good brain, quick thinking and high work efficiency should eat more carbohydrate rich food and supplement vitamin B. Walnuts, rough bread and bananas are your first choice for brain strengthening products, because they provide you with mental nutrition necessary for mental work.

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