The “spkds” and “spkds” of the “cooking” Department of the “School of cooking” of the “Spring Festival” were interviewed by the “spkds” of the “cooking” Department of the “spekds”. Many people want to enjoy the delicious food, but also want to be lazy, “semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner” has become the best choice.


a reporter from life times found that many time-honored brands have launched semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner, with prices ranging from nearly 100 yuan to 2300 yuan. According to the dishes and net weight, the prices are also different. These products can also be bought online, and the price is low and the discount is strong. The semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner gift box containing more than ten dishes costs only two or three hundred yuan.

Ding Yinglin, associate professor of the Department of cuisine, School of tourism and cuisine, Yangzhou University, told life times that behind the convenience, there are some problems with the semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner. First, the semi-finished Chinese New Year’s Eve meal packages often put many foods with different properties and storage conditions in the same carton, which may cause cross flavor problems. For example, when fish, shrimp and vegetables are mixed together, the taste of food is greatly reduced. In addition, pork, beef and other meat and vegetable raw materials, fresh flavor, frozen storage, after processing again, flavor volatilization, taste loss. Fresh fish taste delicious and tender, while semi-finished fish often have a fishy smell. This is because, after freezing, the fish will be more fishy and the texture will be worse. Second, some vitamins are destroyed and lost in the process of storage, transportation, processing and repeated cooking. Many half cooked vegetables will produce nitrite if they are seasoned. During the storage of vegetables without seasoning, some water will be evaporated, and the nutrition and taste will be lost. Third, the semi-finished Chinese New Year’s Eve meal may also have the problem of high fat and high salt, which is harmful to health.


suggest that when purchasing such semi-finished dishes, you’d better choose famous brands, pay attention to the labels and instructions, whether there is manufacturer, address, ingredients, production date, shelf life, etc. You can also log on the official website of the food and drug administration department to inquire about the food production license, obtain the enterprise information, and check whether the enterprise has the production qualification of semi-finished New Year’s Eve dinner. The above content of

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