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There are various questions that mankind continues to ponder:

Is there life on the market within the universe?

What lurks within the depths of Loch Ness?

Who actually shot JFK?

Why did not Harry Potter find yourself with Hermione?

Will England ever really win the soccer World Cup?

How do you win a pantomime horse race?…

Wow, again up! Do folks actually ask that final query?

Nicely surprisingly sufficient, sure they do. Perhaps not as many as who marvel if there’s a God or whether or not Lord Lucan continues to be alive however you’ll be shocked simply what number of covert telephone calls we get from folks taking part in these enjoyable races.

Fairly often these pantomime horse races are run to boost cash for a charity or neighborhood venture.

Many are held at actual horse racing programs however many are merely held on village greens or college taking part in fields. Some, just like the one at Greenwich in London, are run alongside roads.

Let’s get one thing very clear. While they’re referred to as pantomime horse races they usually contain any two particular person animal costume that folks can get their arms on. So these races contain cows, reindeers, unicorns, camels and so on. Keep in mind that level for later.

The large problem is for the 2 folks contained in the costume to maintain collectively. It’s really very exhausting to co-ordinate your steps to maintain in time and maintain the form of the animal. That’s the reason theatrical teams spend so lengthy practising to maintain the actions of the panto cow or horse proper.

Most individuals coming into a panto horse race flip up on the day, chuck the costume on & hope for the perfect. Come on guys! Do you suppose that Mo Farah turns up for one in every of his races with out ever practising?

Many race organisers will insist that the profitable animal crosses the road intact (so you may’t let the entrance dash off and go away the lardy rear finish means again down the course) they usually additionally regulate that the animal have to be the proper means spherical (that’s the head crosses the road forward of the bum!).

So tip primary is take a while to practise. Whether or not it’s simply earlier than the race or, if you may get your costume earlier, the day earlier than the competitors.

In case you have ever tried to run in pantomime animal costume you’ll realise that it’s exhausting work. Not solely due to all of the co-ordination points that I’ve simply talked about but in addition as a result of the particular person on the again is stooped over. It is vitally exhausting to run at any velocity if you’re doubled over!

However each costume has this handicap, proper?


Almost each costume does have this handicap however there may be one that does not.

The common-or-garden camel has a definite benefit in these panto races.

“Why?” I hear you ask.

As a result of, the particular person because the again stands up and appears out of the hump.

Abruptly, the folks within the camel have a definite benefit over the remainder of this in any other case stage taking part in area.

So, in abstract. Should you actually wish to win your pantomime horse race (and why not?) take time to practise earlier than hand. It is about working as a group, not as people. However above all, seize that camel costume whether it is on provide!

Supply by Christopher John Inexperienced

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