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In my writing in regards to the Twilight collection, as I thought of how Edward Cullen is the proper man, I noticed that the one actual excellent man who has ever existed is Jesus Christ. And I began to appreciate how the 2 are alike, from a girl’s perspective.

1. THE ULTIMATE ROMANTIC. Jesus Christ is the final word romantic — the love of his life is the Bride–all of the Christians who’ve ever lived–the church. All of historical past is about how Jesus fulfilled the plan of His Father, to carry forth the Bride and win her over. He underwent rejection, torture and loss of life in an effort to win her. His sole focus of romantic love and intent is on His bride. All of us who belong to Him have been pursued by Him personally, and received over to Him. His love and devotion is singular and intense. Edward Cullen embodies these traits as effectively, although on a human degree. His pursuit of and devotion to Bella is singular and intense. He can not steer clear of her. He watches over her and may’t hold his eyes off of her. He pursues her, protects her, places all of his focus and ideas on her. He’s keen to die for her, or to stay the loneliest life he can think about, a life with out her, if it’s the greatest for her (Twilight 2). There is no such thing as a doubt in any way that neither Jesus nor Edward will ever cease loving their love, the very purpose for his or her existence.

2. A FATHER, A LOVER, A BROTHER, A FRIEND. Each Jesus Christ and Edward Cullen embody these roles. Like a father, Edward lifts Bella onto his toes to assist her dance. He’s protecting of her, he watches over her, he lifts her up over a stoop when her foot is in a solid. Jesus Christ is one with the Father, God, who’s a father to all of us. He too offers for our wants, protects us, and is totally reliable and reliable. Each Jesus and Edward additionally fulfill the function of lover. Edward waits till the suitable time to be a lover to Bella, by marriage. Jesus is the Groom to his beautiful Bride, the church all over the place. The Biblical e-book of Revelation describes how on the finish of occasions, there might be a terrific marriage ceremony feast as this holy lover is united to His Bride within the Different Realm. Each males finish the loneliness of their bride, bringing completeness to her. Each are additionally at occasions a brother or a buddy. Somebody she will be able to completely belief and speak in confidence to. Each hear with rapt consideration to no matter she needs to speak about, for so long as she needs – an ideal greatest buddy.

3. A RIVETING ATTRACTION. Each Jesus Christ and Edward are designed to tug you in, to draw you to him, ceaselessly. Each have a magnetism to them that makes them irresistible. When he’s within the room, everybody notices and are drawn, whether or not they understand it or not. Everybody is aware of who this man is, everyone seems to be affected by his pull. He actually sees you and is aware of you. You can not keep away.

4. HE IS IN YOUR HEAD. That is an apparent one, with a flaw – Edward can not learn Bella’s ideas. However he can learn everybody else, as does Jesus Christ. They’re each in your head. They know what you might be considering, they usually perceive you. Even so, they each need you to share all the things with them, your entire ideas, hopes and desires. Edward in fact wants Bella to do that as a result of he can not learn her ideas. Jesus can however loves to take a seat with rapt consideration as He listens to each element of our lives and ideas.

5. HE IS UNPREDICTABLE. That is the rationale each Jesus and Edward retains her lady on her toes. You could know the person, however you do not know what he’s going to do subsequent. They each come from such a special tradition, and their conduct is so completely primarily based on a pure, selfless love and devotion to their woman. Edward is hooked on Bella. The Bride of Christ belongs to Christ, He’s in her, she is in Him, there’s not a tiny atom of separation, they’re one. Jesus follows the voice and path of His Father, and guides His bride in the identical method, anticipating her to belief Him utterly. Edward lives just for Bella, and expects her to know his complete love for her in all his actions.

6. HE IS FROM ANOTHER WORLD. For Bella, discovering Edward was discovering a complete new world, a world she may barely conceive of. She needs to know all about it. Jesus brings to us His world, the spirit world, the Different Realm. That is His world and He is ready to carry a few of it to His Bride on this earth, which she drinks up as eagerly as Bella. In fact, Edward’s world is darkish, harmful and has lots of evil in it. The world of Jesus is pure mild and love, containing no evil (although He additionally tells us of the place within the religious world the place evil dwells). Below this part we are able to additionally point out that each Jesus and Edward stay ceaselessly (until Edward will get himself killed) and are intimately aware of historical past, having lived by it (Edward solely way back to 1918).

7. HE KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN. Each Jesus and Edward know the way to play, to chortle, to have enjoyable. Jesus favored to play with youngsters and was filled with pleasure. Edward takes time for enjoyable (baseball video games), leisure (books and music) and wonder (having fun with nature, making music). They each carry the load of the world but each know the way to loosen up and have enjoyable on occasion.

8. TREASURING SILENCE. Each Jesus and Edward know the way to be nonetheless, to treasure solitude and silence. They know the way to communicate and transfer intentionally. Neither one rushes about or is hyper. They embody energy, knowledge and stillness.

9. DANGEROUS. Each Jesus and Edward are extraordinarily harmful. Edward can kill simply sufficient if he must. Whereas Jesus was on earth He had the flexibility to name down legions of angels to combat for Him, if He wished. Although they hold cautious management over this functionality, simply the truth that they’re so harmful (however underneath management) appeals strongly to a girl’s sensibilities.

10. HOW THEY ARE DIFFERENT. There’s one main distinction between the 2, and that’s that Edward has the potential of being evil, whereas Jesus can solely be good, as a result of He’s goodness itself. Edward admits that he has killed earlier than, and presumably he drank his sufferer’s blood as effectively. He’s very cautious to maintain this underneath management, and strives to at all times be and do good. Jesus, however, is goodness itself, but He willingly took on all of evil which has ever existed or will exist into Himself in order that He may destroy it for good. So I assume you may say that in that second even Jesus was evil, as a result of He took all of it onto Himself, which is why God needed to forsake Him on the cross. So that is essentially one other similarity – it’s attainable for the person to be evil. With Jesus it was a one-time factor, with Edward it’s a fixed battle.

There you might have it, an fascinating comparability of two excellent males – one actual, one fictional. We will solely dream of Edward in our creativeness, however Jesus is actual and may belong to every considered one of us. He’s the final word actual excellent man.


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