Ginger contains curcumin, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, lipid-lowering, anti atherosclerosis, anti-aging, eliminate free radicals and inhibit tumor growth and other major pharmacological effects, daily eating ginger, very delicious for health. Pregnant women eat ginger, can also alleviate pregnancy vomiting, but eat more may lead to abortion. What side effects does ginger eat in the end?


1. Cause hypoglycemia


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. It is known that ginger has the effect of inhibiting blood glucose rise, and there have been cases of diabetic patients with excessive consumption of ginger resulting in excessive blood glucose reduction. Therefore, if you have dizziness and general weakness after eating ginger, it is actually a dangerous sign of hypoglycemia. At this time, you should immediately eat candy or juice with high sugar content, sweet drinks, etc. to improve the blood sugar situation. If it still doesn’t improve, you should send to a doctor immediately.

2. Block blood coagulation

2. Eating ginger in large quantities can promote sleep and make people in a calm state. Therefore, when hemorrhagic diseases such as nosebleed, menorrhagia, hematuria and other conditions occur, the role of coagulation system will be greatly reduced because of the sleep state.

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