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scrambled eggs is the most common dish in life. Of course, there are many ways to fry eggs, and everyone can play according to their own preferences. However, delicious eggs have two points: fresh and tender. How to make a standard scrambled egg?


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to make delicious scrambled eggs, we must have two kinds of liquid: cooking wine and water.

cooking wine: adding cooking wine to scrambled eggs can not only reduce the use of oil, but also make the eggs more tender and smooth, and taste more delicious. Generally, cooking wine is added to beat eggs, which contains a small amount of alcohol, which can greatly speed up the solidification speed of protein in eggs after heating, and the eggs are easier to form and not easy to break. In addition, the protein has been solidified before it gets old, and the fried eggs will be more tender. At the same time, cooking wine is an expert in removing the fishy smell and greasy and increasing the freshness. It should be noted that the cooking wine should not be too much each time, and liquor should not be used instead of cooking wine.

water: when beating eggs, add water and eggs together, beat well, put into the pot medium heat slow fry, egg taste will be particularly tender and smooth, and not easy to paste the pot. Generally stir fry 5 eggs, add 50 grams of water is more suitable, not more than 100 grams, add more into the oil pan will be easy to explode oil, and pay attention to water and eggs must be beaten evenly.

1. Add salt and cooking wine to the egg bowl

2. Use chopsticks to disperse in one direction. The movement of chopsticks is a cone. Under the cone is the bottom of the bowl. The top of the cone is 6 cm away from the bottom of the bowl. In this way, air can enter and the egg white and yolk can be fully integrated;

3. Add appropriate amount of water into the egg liquid;

5. Hot pot cold oil, when the oil temperature is 70%, pour in the egg liquid, scatter the egg liquid and stir fry, or let the egg liquid slightly qualitative and then stir fry;

6. When the eggs are formed, you can start the pot.

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