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is closely related to women’s health. Chinese medicine practitioners say that food is an important factor in hormone supplement. Especially after menopause, women should take more “four yellow foods”, including soybeans, pumpkin, banana and persimmon, which is of great help to promote the secretion of female sex hormones. It can not only adjust the spleen and stomach function, but also relieve female hormone scores The symptom that secretes weak, can help memory more anti-aging.


TCM Doctor Wu Mingzhu pointed out that the human body has five viscera: kidney, liver, spleen, heart and lung, and the liver, spleen and kidney are closely related to hormone secretion. The kidney has the function of regulating hormone secretion balance. It will react to some adverse symptoms in the body first.

hormone imbalance key liver, spleen and kidney

, and the liver is the key to the body in hormone secretion disorders, and the normal operation of the liver and kidney, it is entirely due to the spleen. Therefore, in order to improve the adverse consequences caused by hormone secretion imbalance, we must first start from strengthening the stomach and spleen.


from the dialectical discovery of traditional Chinese medicine, human is a unified organism, five zang organs and five elements, five flavors, five colors are mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing. Different colors of food and the five organs of the human body have a harmonious relationship between yin and Yang, appropriate diet can help to improve the secretion of hormones. Corresponding to the kidney is black food with natural salty taste, corresponding to spleen is yellow food with natural sweet taste, while corresponding to liver is green food, which is mostly sour. In spring, the hormone “spkds” and “spekds” are the hormones that regulate the female, just like the hormone “spkds” in the withered water. Such as skin deterioration, irritability, gynecological diseases, obesity and hormone imbalance.

basically, once the female hormone imbalance, there will be a variety of body lesions. Especially the age of 30 is the turning point of women’s youth and aging. After that, it decreases at a rate of 15% every 10 years, and decreases year by year. By the age of 45-55, the ovarian function will decline and menopause will come. If the female reaches the age of 60, the hormone secretion of women will only be about 1 / 4 of that of young people.

[enhance hormone 4 big yellow food]

1. Soybean: to help restore gastrointestinal motility, can help women adjust hormones. Pumpkin: improve energy, replenish vitality, improve metabolism function. Banana: it can strengthen the digestive system, has the effect of anti depression and improving immunity. Persimmon: Invigorating the spleen and appetizing, moistening the lung and promoting fluid production, and effectively improving cardiovascular function.


should avoid hormonal imbalance. A small amount of diet should be used to avoid obesity. It is not recommended to eat too much food after 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.; ice and cold drinks should be avoided before and during meals to improve digestive function; the daily drinking amount is about 1 liter, but water should be avoided during meals, and fresh food should be used as the principle. When you have menopausal flush or sweating, you need to avoid eating spicy food. The above content of

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