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asked me that flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for health, but it is especially afraid of heat and can not be used for cooking. How should I eat it?

flaxseed oil, perilla seed oil and other oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids are indeed very poor heat resistance, not as good as the daily edible soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, etc., once heated, the oxidation polymerization speed is very fast, also can produce harmful soot, so it is not suitable for daily cooking. I’d like to recommend some ways to eat. Method 1: mixed with sesame oil (sesame oil) to mix cold dishes. Flaxseed oil is not heat-resistant and is most suitable for cold dishes. But because of their poor taste, they are not easy to accept when used alone. If it is mixed with sesame oil 1:1, the dish will be normal. If you add some black pepper, pepper powder and other strong spices, it will not eat out of the same.


method 2: mixed with peanut oil, rapeseed oil and other heat-resistant oils to make stew. In the pan, first use 2 / 3 of the amount of peanut oil, and then put in a variety of dishes raw materials, such as temperature down, vegetables also stewed to half cooked, and then add 1 / 3 amount of linseed oil. In this way, the vegetables look equally oily, but flaxseed oil will not be affected by the high heat above 100 ℃ and will not emit oil smoke.


method 3: mixed with other daily cooking oil to make raw materials for baking and steaming food, such as making cakes and bread.

method 4: filling. When mixing dumpling stuffing, steamed stuffed bun stuffing, you can add some linseed oil. Method 5: beating soybean milk. Linseed oil can be added to the soymilk machine with soybeans, or mixed after the soymilk is beaten. Soybean milk is an emulsifying system, which can be evenly dispersed as long as it is stirred.

if you like western food, then there are three ways to use:

method 1: make yogurt. Many people in the West use skimmed milk to make yogurt, adding a teaspoon of linseed oil or virgin olive oil to it. It’s much better to mix it with sour and sweet yogurt. Method 2: make salad dressing. Scoop out a spoonful of mayonnaise or thousand island sauce, then add a small teaspoon of linseed oil, mix with cold dishes.

method 3: spread bread. Some people use butter or olive oil to spread bread. You can bake the bread crispy, and then change half olive oil or butter into flaxseed oil to spread the bread. It tastes good.


finally want to tell you: whether oil is good for health, the key is to control the total amount of delicious oil. Supplement these oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the daily use of cooking oil, and then use these health oil to replace part of the daily cooking oil. In this way, the total amount can be kept unchanged, which is the best for health. ▲

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