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eating a piece of watermelon on a hot day, the sweet and refreshing feeling runs through the whole body instantly. This kind of experience is much more happy. But do you really understand the big questions about watermelon?

eat watermelon easy to gain weight or help lose weight? Data show that the heat of watermelon per 100 grams is 26 kilocalories, which is not high in fruits, but lower than strawberry, peach, apricot, grape, pear, apple, etc. It should be noted that this does not mean that watermelon is more conducive to weight loss than apples, because although the unit calorie of watermelon is low, it is easy to eat more if you are not careful. The calorie of 1 / 4 watermelon (about 700 g) is about the same as that of a small bowl of rice. If you eat 1 / 4 or even half a watermelon on the basis of normal eating every day, it will definitely make people fat. According to the new dietary guidelines, adults should take 200-350 grams of fruit a day, and eat watermelon according to the recommended amount.

diabetic patients can eat watermelon? The average sugar content of watermelon is 5.8%, which is less than apple, pear, muskmelon and grape. However, the glycemic index of watermelon is not low, which is 72, which is significantly higher than that of other common fruits, such as apples and pears with glycemic index of 36 and peach of 28. This means that if people with diabetes eat too much watermelon in a short period of time, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise. Therefore, this group of people should limit the amount of watermelon to 100-150 grams per day. Why is


sweeter after freezing? Fructose is the main sugar in watermelon, and the sweetness of fructose is closely related to temperature. The lower the temperature is below 40 ℃, the sweetness of fructose is higher. The highest fructose content is 1.73 times of sucrose. The specific reason is that fructose has two kinds of molecular configuration: α – fructose and β – fructose. The sweetness of α – fructose is only 33% of that of β – fructose. At low temperature, the balance between them moves towards β – fructose, so the sweetness increases. Is


Seedless Watermelon due to the use of contraceptives? Seedless watermelon is derived from hybridization. Its principle is that the diploid plants which can normally produce seeds can be transformed into triploid plants through hybridization, which hinders the normal development of seeds. At the same time, certain stimulation is given to make the fruit produce enough plant hormones for its development and promote fruit formation. So seedless fruit has nothing to do with birth control pills. Can


watermelon be eaten overnight? It’s not suitable to put the watermelons that haven’t been eaten for a long time. If you keep them properly, you can eat them at ease. The cut watermelon is usually stored for 4 hours at normal temperature, and it is safe to refrigerate in time. In addition, watermelon is best covered with clean plastic film, or the rest of the watermelon dug out into a sealed fresh-keeping box. It is better not to refrigerate watermelon for more than 24 hours. When you take out the watermelon in the refrigerator to eat, you can first cut off the surface about 1 cm thick. If there is an odor, throw it away. ▲

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