often hear women ask such questions: do I want to lose weight and still eat meat? Why does she eat meat every day? Why is blood fat not high? I am basically a vegetarian, why is the blood fat still so high, people are still so fat? In fact,


can not be answered.


are not a certain kind of food or a certain kind of food, such as meat, eggs, milk and so on, but a wrong diet and lifestyle, a general balance. If you eat in the calories, although not too much, but the consumption is really too little, it is also easy to fat.

of course, in many cases, if the proportion of food to eat is not reasonable, the balance is more likely to lean towards the fat side. For example, if you refuse to eat fish, eggs and milk, it may not be a healthy diet strategy. If it is not done well, it is more likely to lead to obesity and three high problems. Why are

? Asked a lady, perplexed.

I replied: you go to the monastery nunnery to see. A careful observation will find that, compared with the same age, the proportion of monks getting fat is not lower than that of ordinary people who do not need to eat a vegetarian. The prevalence of diabetes and hypertension is even higher than that of laymen.

she thought carefully and nodded: really! Last time I went to the temple, I had a chat with a master and said that there were many diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and hypertension in the temple. But why?


people have to eat three meals a day, each kind of food will occupy a certain proportion, including staple food, fish, eggs and milk, vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on. If you don’t eat meat, this one is omitted. Do you have to fill it with other food? For example, most people who don’t eat meat need to add eggs, milk, nuts and bean products to replace meat to supply protein and maintain nutritional balance, which may not be less than the intake of calories when eating meat. Fried eggs, cheese, fried tofu bubble, peanuts and melon seeds are also high in fat content, of course, the amount of heat is also easy to burst.

she asked: what if I didn’t even eat eggs, milk, nuts and so on?

I said: if you don’t eat these, at least you will eat all kinds of staple foods, such as rice steamed bread, noodles pancakes, all kinds of pasta. You may also eat biscuits, rice cakes, potato chips, Guoba, Sakima and sweet drinks. These low protein contents are all vegetarian! Don’t these foods have the power to make people fat? I can tell you responsibly that white starch and sweets, in terms of their power to raise triglycerides, are no less than eggs, milk, lean meat and fish.

Why are there so many fat people and three tall masters in those temples?


because they don’t eat fish, eggs and milk, and garlic and pepper can’t be put in, so they can only rely on oil, salt and sugar to “make up” their taste. Eat more white staple food – they are fast blood sugar and blood lipid; vegetable cooking put more oil and salt – more oil to promote fat, and more salt to promote hypertension, plus a variety of sweet biscuits and drinks can be eaten, of course, prone to triglyceride rise, diabetes and hypertension.

Ms. emotional a little excited: I understand! My mother-in-law is like this, almost no meat, but rice rice and white noodles eat a lot, fried vegetables, oil and salt, it is true that diabetes and hypertension have to go up. But fish, eggs and milk do not eat, if even a variety of staple food, pasta, biscuits and snacks are not allowed to eat, then what is the meaning of living ah! Starve to death!

I suggested to her: why can’t we think from another angle? If you don’t eat all kinds of biscuits, snacks, snacks and drinks, eat less white rice noodles and save more limited calories for fish, eggs, milk and nuts? For example, if you eat rice by a third of a bowl, replace it with the same amount of chopped chicken or steamed fish; if you don’t eat biscuits, replace it with a handful of walnuts, so you can continue to eat? If you don’t cook with oil, the calories of skinless chicken or steamed fish are not much different from rice.


she seems to have realized: Yes, it sounds good! But is it easier to get fat or not?

I said: according to the current foreign research results, eating like this is not so easy to get fat, nor easy to get three high. Under the premise of controlling the amount of fat, properly increasing the proportion of protein food and reducing the proportion of white rice, fine flour and sweet drink can slow down the speed of weight gain with age, which is also conducive to the success of weight loss. One of the reasons for


is that the “food heat effect” of protein is particularly high. After eating, the body will get more heat and consume some extra calories. Starch and fat have no such effect. The second reason for


is that it is not easy to lose muscle when losing weight if sufficient protein supply can be ensured. Otherwise, once the muscle is reduced, the basic metabolism will decline, and it is easy to form the constitution of “easy to be fat but difficult to thin”.

but we must pay attention to, when cooking, do not let protein food with a lot of cooking oil and starch Oh! For example, the fried chicken in the market fast food, with chicken skin, is also wrapped in a layer of batter and bread dregs that are saturated with frying oil. It tastes super salty, and it is also high-fat salad dressing. It’s unlikely that using this dish with a staple food, whether it’s bread or rice, is good for weight control and height control. You know The above content of

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