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our stomachs work hard every day to digest all kinds of food. In fact, the stomach is very picky about food. Raw, cold, hard, sour, spicy and other irritant foods will affect the work of the stomach, which may bring symptoms such as stomach acid, bloating and belching. In the long run, stomach diseases such as gastric ulcer and superficial gastritis may occur. So in our daily life, we should keep away from the dangerous elements of stomach injury.

1 cold drink

when the weather is hot, eat a root ice cream or drink a bottle of cold drink, the whole person is spirited up. But cold drinks, popsicles and cold meals can lower the temperature in the stomach. The normal work of many digestive enzymes requires appropriate temperature, which will affect the secretion of gastric acid and the role of digestive enzymes. It is suggested that when the weather is hot, it is best to drink cold water between meals, eat only one popsicle at a time, and eat it slowly; try to eat less cold food such as sushi.

2 pickles

many people like to eat pickled vegetables, pickles, bacon and other pickled food. Unqualified pickles contain a large amount of nitrite, which can synthesize nitrosamines under the action of appropriate acidity or bacteria in the stomach, which has carcinogenic effect. Japan is a country with high incidence of gastric cancer, which is related to its pickled vegetables. Therefore, although pickles are delicious, they should be mainly made of fresh ingredients instead of dundundun.

3 smoked and fried food

sausage, bacon and other smoked foods have high salt content, which will damage the gastric mucosa, and there are a lot of carcinogens, such as benzopyrene and aromatic hydrocarbons. Fried, barbecue food also contains such carcinogens, should eat less. It is suggested that the smoked food should be soaked in water first, and the vegetables, such as broccoli and lettuce, should be added to eat sausage and bacon. Vitamin C can effectively block the formation of carcinogens from nitrite. Don’t eat fried and grilled food more than once a week.

4 alcohol

alcoholism not only hurt the liver, but also hurt the stomach. Clinical observation showed that 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of gastric cancer patients had a long history of drinking alcohol, especially liquor, and some of them had been drinking for more than 20 years. Alcohol can cause damage to the gastric mucosa, which is repeatedly stimulated for a long time, and constantly experiences the process of injury, repair and re injury, which will lead to chronic inflammation and eventually lay the root of cancer. Therefore, if you have to drink a little, try to drink alcohol with low alcohol content. If you can’t touch strong liquor, you’d better not touch it. When you drink, you might as well match some side dishes, such as meat jelly. This kind of food has high collagen content, which will form a protective film in the stomach, which can slow down alcohol damage.

5 cold fruits and vegetables

eating a watermelon in summer is refreshing, but my stomach can’t stand it. These cold fruits and vegetables can stimulate the stomach, leading to a decline in digestion. Therefore, if usually often stomach distension, stomachache, had better eat less cold fruit or cold vegetables, can eat after dinner, so as to reduce irritation.


6 raw and cold seafood


seafood is cold in nature, which will increase the burden on the stomach. If you eat too much, especially if you eat unheated sashimi, oysters, etc., the protein will be more difficult to digest, which will easily lead to the decline of gastric function. It is suggested that when eating seafood, ginger juice and other seasonings should be used to neutralize the cold of seafood, and less raw seafood should be eaten.

7 sweet and greasy food

some people can eat an elbow and a whole small cake in a meal. If these high sugar, high fat and high protein food are eaten too much, the burden on the stomach will be increased, resulting in anorexia, diarrhea, gastrointestinal dysfunction and other gastric symptoms. Therefore, eat sweets, meat, etc. to moderate.

8 spicy food

pepper is a condiment that many people can’t do without, and it has many health benefits. However, capsaicin can increase gastric acid secretion, stimulate mucosal congestion and edema, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and also affect digestive function. Especially suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer people can not often eat spicy. However, people in spicy areas have maintained such eating habits since childhood. If there is no stomach discomfort, there is no need to change the eating habits. People who can’t get used to spicy food and want to eat spicy food may as well have a small dish of vinegar dipped in it, which can reduce the irritation to the stomach. ▲

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