many beauties choose whitening cosmetics to save the skin in summer. However, there are many kinds of cosmetics on the market with uneven quality. Some whitening products contain harmful substances, which not only have direct irritation to the skin, but also may cause skin allergy. To build a healthy muscle base, safe whitening is the most important. In fact, many cheap ingredients in life can help you whiten. Let’s see what magical ingredients in food can make you beautiful and beautiful!

skin whitening assistant

recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that sesamol in sesame has antioxidant and anti melanin effects. Sesame seeds of


contain sesamol, which is helpful to human health. The antioxidant and anti melanin effects of sesamol and its positive control compounds (arbutin and kojic acid) were systematically analyzed. The total antioxidant activity of sesamol was determined by scavenging DPPH radical and FRAP. The results showed that the DPPH radical scavenging ability and Fe ^ 3 + reduction ability of sesamol were higher than those of the positive control group. In addition, sesamol also plays a whitening role by inhibiting mushroom tyrosinase and intracellular tyrosinase. In conclusion, sesamol has strong antioxidant and anti melanin effects. Sesamol in edible sesame may have medicinal cosmetic value. The main components of sesame oil are linoleic acid, palmitic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids. They are known as “vascular scavengers”, which can promote cholesterol metabolism, remove the deposits on the wall of blood vessels, and keep blood vessels “young”.

2. Black sesame contains essential fatty acids and sulfur-containing amino acids for hair growth, which can effectively prevent hair loss and help to restore black and beautiful hair.

3. Vitamin E in sesame can promote the use of vitamin A in human body, and can work in coordination with vitamin C to protect the health of skin and reduce skin infection; it can “moisturize” the collagen fiber and elastic fiber in the skin, so as to improve and maintain the elasticity of skin; it can promote the blood circulation in the skin and make the skin get sufficient nutrients and water In order to maintain the softness and luster of skin.

4, black sesame also has the effect of anti alcohol and liver protection!

have you eaten sesame today?

sesame is small, but it can make many delicious. Sesame dipping sauce, black sesame paste with strong fragrance and warmth, black sesame dumpling with mellow aroma and smooth flavor and crisp sesame crisp are the most common sesame delicacies in life. Although sesame is delicious, it is not good to eat too much. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia recommends eating 9-15 grams a day. Eat some sesame every day to become a beautiful beauty!


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