winter friends like to get together to eat hot pot to eat kebab, sometimes feel bad digestion, but do not want to eat digestive medicine. The following four fruits are “first aid” fruits to help you solve indigestion!


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Hawthorn can dissipate food and remove blood stasis, but also can reduce blood viscosity, which is a good vascular protection umbrella. Stomach bad people to eat Hawthorn after eating, after eating to brush teeth gargle, because Hawthorn too acid will hurt teeth.


when eating kebab and hotpot, the meat is easy to eat too much and is not digestible. Eating some fresh pineapple can quickly eliminate flatulence. Among them, bromelain can accelerate digestion.


eat too much meat, easy to constipation, you can eat pitaya. Pitaya is the “emergency” fruit after dinner and social intercourse.


after the dinner, you can slice the carambola, dip in a little salt to eat. Carambola is rich in vitamin C, which can promote food digestion.


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