fruit is a must to eat every day, eating a certain amount of fruit every day can give our body a variety of rich vitamins, in addition, some fruits can also lower our body fire. What fruit can eat to fall fire to the body, detoxify? Let’s have a look!

eat more of these fruits can reduce the body fire oh!


have a good heat clearing and detoxification effect, one of the fruits is orange. Orange this is a kind of gentle and cool fruit. In the orange pulp also contains rich vitamin C, as well as malic acid, citric acid substances. It can clear away heat and toxin, and also clear phlegm and lower Qi. The smell of orange itself can also help people to relieve tension and so on. Of course, this fruit also has the effect of weight loss and beauty, so for some female groups, orange is still a hot beauty product. There are some girls who love beauty and they can use the orange to apply the mask. The whitening effect is also very good. But no matter how good things you eat, oranges are the same. Although oranges can help people to invigorate the spleen and appetizer, eating too much can also hurt liver qi. Because some substances contained in the process will hinder the absorption of iron in the human body, it is more difficult for patients with anemia to eat more. I hope you will know this taboo.


are followed by the popular fruit – Sydney. Sydney is a kind of fruit with rich nutrition. Its pulp also contains a lot of malic acid and citric acid, as well as fructose and other vitamin substances. Can be popular for lowering blood pressure and Qingre Zhenliang, Yangyin antipyretic effect. For some hot and dry diseases in summer, eating pears can effectively relieve them. But for some cold cough and phlegm is taboo. The average adult should eat no more than three per day. For children, it shouldn’t be more than two Sydney.

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