entered the beginning of winter, and the cold wind suddenly rose. Three or five friends, red clay stove, “the toasting place for drinking around the stove” vividly described the lively scene of Chinese food hot pot, while “Baiwei melting in the small kettle” revealed all kinds of good taste of hot pot.


hotpot is a kind of food with typical Chinese traditional characteristics. It can be traced back to the Yellow Emperor period. At that time, people put pottery on the fire and cooked and enjoyed it in the pottery, forming the prototype of hot pot. Hot pot is popular because of its delicious taste and simple production. It is a kind of traditional food with rich nutrition because of its few processing links, wide range of materials and instant cooking. But why does such food cause frequent outbreaks of fever, oral ulcer, dyspepsia and even gastrointestinal diseases? Health trouble:

let’s talk about how to make delicious hot pot eat healthy?


1. [dianjiangtai] there are special food ingredients:

, whether it’s a spicy and warm Sichuan hotpot, a charming Seafood Hotpot, a domineering Beijing style instant boiled mutton, or a nourishing and nourishing mushroom soup hotpot, the bottom of the hot pot alone is already dazzling. In addition, with the hundreds of hot dishes, to make the hotpot famous and healthy, we should first order the bottom of the pot and match the ingredients well.

1. Choose the soup base:

spicy hot pot: strong taste, strong irritation, friends with oral and gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhoids and people with hot constitution should avoid this kind of pot bottom; people in dry areas should also eat as little as possible;

seafood hot pot: delicious taste, high purine content, gout patients, seafood allergy (allergic constitution), skin eczema friends best detour;

mutton hot pot: clear soup mutton, warm heat tonic, hot constitution, phlegm fire, acute pharyngitis, rhinitis and sore furuncle friends avoid eating;

fungus hotpot: the early prototype of monosodium glutamate is made by drying and grinding the fungus, which shows the delicious taste of fungi. The mushroom soup is suitable for old and young people, but it is avoided for patients with fungus allergy and gout.

2. Choose hot dishes


. Most people have such a feeling when eating hot pot, and unconsciously they can eat 2-3 times more food than usual, especially all kinds of fat beef and mutton rolls. In this way, a hot pot meal can take up several times more energy than a meal. When ordering hot dishes, the ratio of meat dishes to vegetables should be controlled at 1:2-3, which can help us effectively reduce the calorie intake from the energy carried by the ingredients themselves. At the same time, we should add low-fat meat dishes such as duck blood, beef blinds and fish fillets.


vegetables are almost omnipotent with hotpot. The most beneficial vegetables are green leafed vegetables, which can not only provide most vitamins, minerals and carotene, but also reduce the absorption of fat, clean up the wastes in the intestinal tract, and have the functions of cooling and fire control. More green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, and lettuce. Some Qinghuo melons and fruits are also worth recommending: cucumber, wax gourd and raw melon slices not only taste sweet, but also have low energy. Tofu is also an essential item of hotpot. It is delicious and nutritious. It can also clear away heat and reduce fire, and neutralize the heat of hotpot. Some vegetarians may as well eat more, which can not only increase the delicacy of hotpot, but also supplement protein and calcium that are short of due to long-term vegetarian diet. Drinks: fresh fruit and vegetable juice, yogurt, tea, these drinks can supplement water in time, and will not have adverse reactions in the digestive tract. It is suitable for drinking when eating hot pot. Alcoholic drinks will have a greater stimulation on the stomach, and bring extra burden to the hard-working stomach. There are not a few cases of acute pancreatitis caused by drinking in hot pot. The metabolites of alcohol will affect the excretion of purine in the hot pot to be metabolized into uric acid in the body, which increases the risk of wind pain. It is not recommended to drink while eating hot pot. It is often heard that “beer can not be eaten with hotpot / seafood, otherwise it will cause gout”. To be exact, for ventilated patients, all kinds of alcohol are not suitable for hot pot.

4. Staple food: Indian flying cake, gold and silver steamed bread, scallion oil cake, etc. are common staple foods in hotpot shops. These fried pasta are often wrapped in more fat, which is not only high in energy, but also quite difficult to digest. After eating hot pot, the stomach has been full of food, high load operation, at this time to eat some vegetable dumplings, coarse grain noodles is much more delicate. And if you order potato chips, yam, lotus root slices, vermicelli and other starch rich food in hot pot dishes, staple food can be eliminated. (similarly, these high starch rhizomatous vegetables can also replace part of the staple food in daily life.)


2. [eating in the right order is healthy] eating the right order of hotpot is very important:

choose the right bottom of the pot and hot dishes, drinks, staple food, but also have to eat the right order, a hot pot is considered satisfactory. People who are good at maintenance like to drink some light hot soup before each meal, warm the stomach and open the flavor. In fact, it is the same with eating hot pot. Before you start, drink some yoghurt, fruit and vegetable juice, hot soup, can stimulate gastrointestinal secretion of digestive juice, ready for the next gastrointestinal work. Pure fruit and vegetable juice, yogurt can also provide some vitamins and dietary fiber for the body, and promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. Among them, yogurt can also play a protective role in relieving the stimulation of spicy and scalding food on the gastrointestinal tract.


start with a few slices of meat to increase the flavor of the pot bottom, and then put vegetables and meat at intervals. Fat content of fat cattle and sheep can be as high as 30%. If you start to rinse meat, the bottom of the pot will become very greasy. At this time, when vegetables and frozen tofu are put into loose structure food, a lot of fat will be absorbed. Starch content high hot dishes and staple food do not wait until the end of the time to want to eat, just afraid that there will be no heart. Eating meat while eating staple food can not only protect gastrointestinal health, but also control food intake.

many restaurants like to serve a plate of iced fruit after dinner, which extinguishes the fire in the mouth and makes the stomach and intestines bitter. Whether it is herbal tea, iced fruit plate, ice cream are not suitable for eating after satiety, you can drink some warm chrysanthemum tea, relieve greasy, clear mouth, clear fire.

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