editor’s words: the more sour yogurt, the better nutrition? How terrible are thickeners in yogurt? Yoghurt surface appears light yellow water, still can drink? If you like to drink yogurt, have you ever been troubled by these problems? Let’s listen to the answers given by fan Zhihong, associate professor of food science and nutrition Engineering College of China Agricultural University, and Dr. Hu Changli, Key Laboratory of functional dairy products, China Agricultural University. What are the advantages of yogurt compared with milk?

A: the raw materials of yoghurt are milk, sucrose and lactobacillus starter. Yogurt not only preserves all the nutrients in milk, but also is more easily digested and absorbed by the human body because of fermentation. Therefore, it is superior to milk in promoting growth and improving nutrition. Does yoghurt also have calcium supplement effect?

A: lactic acid bacteria decompose lactose in milk into lactic acid, reducing the content of lactose, but retaining other nutrients in milk, so yogurt still has the effect of calcium supplement. In fact, the absorption rate of calcium in yogurt is not lower than that in milk, because lactic acid can promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals. In addition, there are peptide substances such as CPP produced by protein decomposition, which can also promote calcium absorption. Drink milk diarrhea, can you drink yogurt?

A: Lactose in milk is the “killer” of diarrhea caused by drinking milk. In the process of yoghurt fermentation, part of lactose is converted into lactic acid and other organic acids, which reduces the problem of lactose intolerance; lactic acid bacteria can also produce a large number of “lactase” to help human body digest lactose. Therefore, even people who drink milk diarrhea can also drink yogurt. The more sour yogurt, the better nutrition?

A: the acidity source of yoghurt is the lactic acid produced by lactose metabolism by lactic acid bacteria, which is related to the strain of starter and fermentation time and other factors. Among the Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus that must be used to make yoghurt, if the bacteria are dominant, the acidity will be very strong, but this does not mean that the quality of yogurt is better. The nutritional value of fruit yogurt is better?

A: many of the ingredients in the fruit yogurt on the market come from adding jam. However, the high temperature cooking of jam can not match the nutritional value of fresh fruit. Even with genuine fruit, the yogurt’s shelf life is 21 days, and the fruit grain that has been released for three weeks will be discounted. The rich flavor may come from fruit flavors. Is the thickener in yoghurt harmful to human body?

A: most yoghurt contains thickeners. There are many kinds of thickeners, including modified starch, pectin, xanthan gum, edible gelatin, etc., which can not be digested and absorbed by the human body. They belong to insoluble dietary fiber. They are not only non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause “blood viscosity”, but also help to delay the rise of blood glucose and blood lipid after meals, which is conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases The beneficial ingredients of. Generally speaking, the safety of thickeners is very high, so there is no limit on the use of thickeners in many foods, and the usage amount in yoghurt also conforms to the standard for use of food additives.

7. Put in the refrigerator, yogurt surface appears light yellow water, can you drink it?

A: these light yellow water is “whey”. When making cheese, the casein, which accounts for 80% of the milk protein, will form a gel or clot, while the remaining small amount of protein will flow out with the whey. If you don’t add thickener when making yogurt, after a period of time, some whey will be separated out. This kind of yogurt can be safely drunk. Whey protein added in whey protein powder products and other foods is extracted from this liquid. Drink

8. How much yogurt do you drink every day?

A: the Nutrition Society recommends 300 grams of milk a day, which is about one cup of disposable paper cup plus a small box of yogurt (about 100 grams). It is recommended that adults should not drink more than 400 grams of yogurt, unless they are pregnant women, lactating mothers or developing teenagers. In principle, milk and yogurt can be replaced by the same amount. For teenagers, one cup of yogurt in the morning and one cup of milk in the morning and one cup of yogurt in the evening are the most ideal. When is better to drink yogurt?

A: no time limit. Excessive stomach acid to avoid drinking before meals; fasting yogurt to promote defecation, constipation is suitable, diarrhea is not suitable; other people can drink before and after meals. But don’t have a big bottle of yogurt after a big dinner, because it adds extra energy. If you want to drink yogurt after dinner, you should reduce dinner accordingly, otherwise it will lead to obesity. Can yogurt be heated in the microwave oven?

A: if the stomach can not accept cold drinks, you can use the microwave oven to heat yogurt, but you need to pay attention to the choice of medium-sized firepower, about half a minute can be heated to room temperature (25 ℃). If the heating time is too long or the firepower is too large, in addition to continue to kill the lactic acid bacteria, it will make the yogurt thinner and taste worse. The heated yoghurt should be drunk as soon as possible, so as to avoid deterioration after a long time. Can diabetic patients drink yogurt?

A: research shows that drinking yogurt is beneficial to prevent diabetes. Diabetic patients can drink half a kilogram of sugar free yogurt every day, and they can drink low-fat yogurt if they are worried about blood fat. Yogurt is rich in calcium, and calcium can regulate the balance of calcium ion in calcium pool inside and outside islet beta cells, and ensure the normal release of insulin. In addition, yogurt has a low blood glucose response, which can reduce the blood glucose reaction of mixed food and is conducive to the control of blood glucose. Is yogurt suitable for patients with hypertension and cerebral infarction?

A: studies at home and abroad have shown that moderate intake of dairy products is conducive to the prevention and control of hypertension, and low-fat dairy products and fermented dairy products are conducive to the prevention and control of stroke. In fact, yogurt is more healthy than milk. Even if no living bacteria can reach the large intestine, the nutrients in it are very beneficial for controlling blood pressure. Arteriosclerosis, hypertension people are suitable to drink yogurt

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