is good for soup or meat has been debated on the Internet. We may as well go through the following two questions.

question: fish soup is not nutritious, full of high fat and salt?

A: the clear soup of fish and meat contains a small amount of soluble protein, a variety of amino acids, delicious peptides, creatine, carnitine and other small molecules of nitrogen, as well as potassium and soluble B vitamins, which are very easy to be used by the human body. Indeed, soup is a high water content food, usually with no more than 2% protein; it also has a far lower mineral content than milk. However, the main purpose of most people’s soup is not to get the protein and other nutrients, but to taste the taste. Therefore, adults with normal digestive capacity need not throw away the “meat dregs” in the soup.


is the key to most healthy people. At home soup can be done a little light, add 0.2% salt, adjust to slightly salty enough. If it is not milk white soup, ordinary soup fat removal method is very simple, one is to skim off the floating oil, the other is to put in the refrigerator, scrape off the solidified white fat layer.


as for the statement of “all fat and salt” in fresh soup, they are slightly generalized. Because the fat content of clear soup without oil slick is very low, and the sodium content in fresh soup without salt is far lower than that in fried dishes.

ask: weak old people can’t digest some meat, can they drink fresh soup?

A: there are many soluble nitrogen compounds in the soup. These small molecules can promote appetite and stimulate the secretion of digestive juice. For the weak people with poor digestion and poor appetite, drinking some fresh soup can quickly supplement amino acids, B vitamins and other nutrients. For patients who can only eat liquid food and semi liquid food, the nutritional value of adding chicken soup in porridge is higher than that of eating only porridge. However,


need to be noted that the weak drink chicken soup without oil is more suitable than thick white soup and oil soup. Because of their poor digestion, a lot of saturated fat in meat is not easy to digest. The thick white soup contains emulsified fat microspheres, and the soup with oil slick contains a large amount of non emulsified fat, which is a burden for indigestion. Once the patient’s digestion and absorption capacity is improved, don’t just drink clear soup. After all, the total amount of nutrients in the soup is too small for adults to use. ▲

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