From January 12, 2013,

has entered the December of the lunar calendar, that is, the “twelfth month”. “Wax, then also, the new handover, so the great sacrifice in return for meritorious service.”. The appellation of “wax moon” is not related to natural seasons, but mainly to sacrifice. The sacrificial rites were held on the third day after the winter solstice in the pre Qin period and gradually fixed on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month after the northern and Southern Dynasties. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, worshipping gods and offering sacrifices to Buddha replaced sacrificing ancestors and celebrating harvest, becoming the main activity of Laba Festival. According to traditional customs, Laba day is to drink Laba porridge and pickle Laba garlic drops. It is said that Laba porridge was introduced from India. Buddha Sakyamuni gave up his throne and became a monk. After six years of hard work, he became a Buddha under the bodhi tree on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. During these six years of practice, he only ate one hemp and one meter a day. Later generations did not forget his sufferings and ate porridge every year on the eighth day of the lunar month. The history of Laba porridge in China can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. On Laba day, no matter how poor, expensive or rich, every family has to make Laba porridge, which is used for sacrificing ancestors, family reunion, tasting and presenting to relatives and friends.

Laba porridge in different parts of China have different collocations. The recommended formula is: 40 grams of peanut, 40 grams of soybean, 40 grams of job’s tears, 40 grams of red beans, 6-8 red dates, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of longan meat, and appropriate amount of water. The supermarket also has the raw material that sells collocation Laba congee. In fact, life does not need to be so dogmatic. You can cook “Laba porridge” by matching all kinds of grains stored at home according to their own preferences. The best way to cook porridge is to use pressure cooker to save energy and cook quickly.


have the same views about the functions of Laba porridge, such as “talent, strength, longevity, happiness, argument, wind, food, words, hunger, thirst”. In fact, I don’t think a bowl of two bowls of porridge has such a big role. From the perspective of modern nutrition: porridge is composed of a variety of plant food, which can provide carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber and B vitamins and other nutrients, these nutrients can play their due role in the body. Therefore, do not regard porridge as a “panacea”.

Laba day, there is another important thing to do, that is, soak Laba garlic. Laba garlic will be soaked on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. Otherwise, we can’t call Laba garlic. The materials used to make Laba garlic are simple and the process is convenient. Garlic, vinegar, and a sealed bottle and jar are also available.


garlic should be peeled one by one. It’s OK to peel a few cloves. It’s a little anxious if there are more. Be patient and enjoy the process of making Laba garlic! Wash and dry the peeled garlic, and wash and air dry the bottles and jars! On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, put the washed and dried garlic in bottles and jars, then pour in vinegar, seal the mouth, and put it in a place with low temperature and no light. After a period of time (7-10 days), the garlic soaked in vinegar will gradually turn green, and finally it will become green, just like jade. This is the successful Laba garlic. It is said that only the best garlic soaking in Laba day, let’s verify it!

Laba garlic soaked well, another product was also born, Laba vinegar. Pickled garlic vinegar with garlic flavor, Chinese New Year’s Eve when eating dumplings dip in a dip, that called a beauty!

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