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guidance expert: Wang Xiaoqin, chief physician and professor of Hematology Department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University,


health products are not reliable for blood tonic. Scientific diet therapy has good effect.


have all kinds of health products on the market, but many of them are in the market Iron elements are very trace, such as iron yuan, donkey hide gelatin, evening primrose, and so on. The unit of measurement is milligram or even microgram. If consumers have already suffered from iron deficiency anemia and only rely on health products to supplement blood, the effect will not be ideal. If health products are used as preventive medicine, they can be consumed in small amount. Among the daily food, the iron content of animal food is generally higher. For example, chicken blood, duck blood, liver. And some plant foods also contain high iron, such as agaric, black sesame, mushroom. Many people think that jujube and spinach are rich in iron, but in fact, the iron content of these two vegetables is very low. So want to enrich blood should eat more red meat, its red is a kind of hemoglobin, easy to be absorbed by the human body.


in different populations lead to different causes of anemia.

children: children are in the stage of growth and development, if they do not pay attention to the intake of iron in the diet, they are prone to anemia. Therefore, children should eat more food with higher iron content in life.

women: women with excessive menstrual blood loss should go to gynecological examination, and need to eliminate the possibility of iron deficiency anemia through blood test routine.

male: once male anemia, need to do gastroscopy, colonoscopy, to check whether the stomach bleeding, whether there are intestinal tumors. The above content of

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