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Make some large sturdy heavy duty homemade DIY Halloween tombstone decoration graveyard props. We are making spooky Halloween tombstones graveyard decor that are strong, sturdy and quality made. If you are building halloween fake gravestones or foam tombstones for a scary cemetery scene then check this video out. This video shares a close look at how we made these heavy duty plywood Halloween tombstone DIY props for a creepy and spooky cemetery halloween display or yard haunt. We made these three examples for a cosplay photo op scene. You could always add funny tombstone sayings and epitaphs after you build these with a router or dremel tool. he old overgrown gravestones also come with matching cemetery columns and walls. Which tombstone WOOD you make? Would you just purchase the cheap foam Halloween tombstones each year from Walmart? Or make DIY Halloween tombstones out of cardboard. Thanks for watching!

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