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The Liberty Bell is a revered image, however its fascinating saga is little identified by those that cherish it. Unusually the crack that rendered it ineffective for utilitarian functions is now as sacred because the bell itself.

The State Home Bell – because the Liberty Bell was identified for its first 100 years – cracked the primary time it was struck to listen to the tone. It was recast, cracked, repaired, cracked and eventually retired to symbolic obligation.

Upon the fiftieth anniversary of William Penn’s 1701 Constitution of Privileges for his Pennsylvania colony, the State Meeting ordered a bell for the State Home.

An order for a one-ton bell, suitably inscribed, was ordered from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry at London in November 1751. Isaac Norris, Meeting Speaker, requested the colony’s agent in London, Robert Charles, to purchase a bell:

“Let the Bell be forged by the perfect Workmen and examined fastidiously earlier than it’s shipped with the next phrases effectively formed in massive letters around the vizt, ‘By order of the Meeting of the Province of Pennsylvania for the State Home within the metropolis of Philada. 1752’ – and beneath – ‘Proclaim Liberty thro’ all of the Land to all of the inhabitants thereof, Levit. XXV/10.'”

The total verse in Leviticus reads: “Ye shall hallow the fiftieth yr, and proclaim liberty all through all of the Land unto all of the inhabitants thereof.”

It ought to be understood that the proclamation of liberty meant by the Meeting was that conferred by Penn for his colony — not a forecast of rise up by 13 colonies a quarter-century later.

The bell was forged by grasp founder Tom Lester. He adopted the directions fastidiously, even the misspelling of Pennsylvania. Whitechapel charged 150 Kilos 13 Shillings Eight pence, which included insurance coverage and transport.

Adventures of the bell, following its casting, is compiled right here from the consensus of dependable historians. Principally they’re John Paige’s “Particular Historical past of the Liberty Bell;” David Kimble’s “Story of the Liberty Bell;” and E.M. Halliday’s “Whose Fault Was It?”

The bell arrived in August 1752 on the snow (kind of crusing ship) Hibernia captained by William Baby. Norris dashed off a letter to Charles in London: “The Bell is come ashore & in good order. We’ve got not but attempt’d the sound.”

A number of days later, the bell was arrange on a cradle within the foreyard – now Independence Sq. – of the State Home to be examined. On the primary stroke of the clapper, the bell cracked. Norris described the incident in one other letter to Charles:

“I gave info that our Bell was typically favored & appvd of, however in just a few days after my writing, I had the Mortification to listen to that it was cracked by a stroke of the clapper with out every other violence because it was hung as much as attempt the sound.”


The State Home superintendents determined to ship the bell again to England on Capt. Richard Budden’s ship the Myrillia for recasting. Nevertheless, he couldn’t discover room for the bell and left it on the dock.

Two native foundry males, John Cross and John Stow, have been employed to recast the bell. They knew that the best bronze alloy for a big bell was 77 % copper and 23 % tin. They reasoned, appropriately, that Whitechapel had put in an excessive amount of tin. This improved tone however elevated brittleness.

Cross and Stow made a clay forged of Bell-1 – including their names and altering the date to 1753. They melted the bell, added one and a half ounces of copper per pound of bronze and recast the thing in 4 levels over a 48-hour interval.

Bell-2 remained strong after repeated blows with a hammer however had a uninteresting sound. Nonetheless, the bell was hoisted into the State Home belfry. A feast was held April 17, 1753, to mark the occasion.

When the bell was rung, city folks hooted. It had no “ring.” Norris wrote: “They (Meeting) have been so teized (teased) by witticisms of the city that they …. might be very quickly able to make a second essay.”

Cross and Stow recast the bell once more – tossing in just a few silver cash “to sweeten the tone.” The outcome was deemed acceptable however not totally passable.

Norris wrote Charles in London: “We bought our new Bell recast right here, and it has been used a while. Tho some are of the opinion it should do, I personal I don’t prefer it.” Nonetheless Bell-Three was hoisted into place – destined to be a well-known icon for a brand new nation but to return.

The New York Mercury, below Philadelphia date line June 11, 1753, reported: “Final week was raised and repair’d within the Pennsylvania Statehouse Steeple, the brand new nice Bell weighing 2080 pounds- forged by Cross and Stow.”

The Meeting ordered a “sister” (duplicate) bell from Whitechapel to exchange Bell-3. When it arrived, everybody agreed it sounded no higher. The sister bell was hung in a cupola on the State Home roof and hooked up to clocks at every finish of the constructing to ring time. Bell-Three was stored in place.

Bells Hidden

Bell-Three joined all different city bells July 8, 1776, to peal the general public studying of the Declaration of Independence.

The British received the Battle of Brandywine in September and have been advancing towards Philadelphia. All of the bells on the town have been taken down and hustled 60 miles north to Northampton (Allentown) to stop the British from capturing the steel and changing it to cannons.

Col. Benjamin Flowers was put in cost. He enlisted scores of farmers who had introduced produce to Philadelphia. Col. William Polk and 200 North Carolina and Virginia cavalry escorted the caravan. The State Home Bell was loaded onto the wagon of John Jacob Mickley of Northampton.

At Bethlehem (Quakertown), Mickley’s wagon broke down. The State Home Bell was transferred to a wagon pushed by Frederick Leaser who carried it on to Northampton.

A diary entry of the Moravian Church of Bethlehem on Sept. 24, 1777, information the accident. “The bells from Philadelphia introduced in wagons. The wagon with the State Home bell broke down right here, so it needed to be unloaded. The opposite bells went on.”

All of the bells arrived safely the following day at Northampton and have been saved within the cellar of the Zion Reformed Church till the British left Philadelphia a yr later.

The State Home bell was not re-hung for the reason that steeple was in disrepair. As a substitute, the bell was saved in a munitions shed adjoining to the State Home for seven years till the steeple was repaired.

Philadelphia purchased a brand new bell for the clocks in 1821. The State Home was renovated in 1828. Its two equivalent Whitechapel bells have been supplied on the market. Nobody would purchase them due to the price of shifting.

State Home Bell (3) was changed with a brand new Wilbank bell and moved to a cradle throughout the State Home the place it was rung on particular events. Metropolis officers transferred the Sister Bell and one of many clocks — on everlasting mortgage — to Olde St. Augustine Catholic Church.

St. Augustine was burned by an anti-Catholic mob in Might 1844. The over-heated Sister Bell fell to the bottom and broke into many items. These have been gathered and recast right into a smaller bell that hangs at the moment at Villanova College.

Cracked Once more

The Outdated State Home Bell-3 – now indoors — cracked barely whereas being tolled throughout the funeral procession for Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835. The crack widened when rung on a number of different events.

As George Washington’s birthday anniversary approached in 1846, the Frequent Council requested the “Independence Bell” be repaired for ringing on Feb. 22.

Bell Ringer Henry Stone machined the crack right into a half-inch slot 24 inches lengthy and inserted two, copper rivets to stop the 2 edges of the crack from rubbing collectively. The filings have been collected and forged right into a small bell.

Evaluation of the filings revealed the Liberty Bell nonetheless has an excessive amount of tin – 24 % as an alternative of the best 23 % — regardless of the addition of copper and silver by Cross and Stow.

Whereas tolling on the Washington anniversary, the Liberty Bell was irreparably broken – as reported by the Philadelphia Public Ledger:

“The previous Independence Bell rang its final clear observe on Monday final in honor of the birthday of Washington and now hangs within the nice, metropolis steeple irreparably cracked and dumb.

“It had been cracked earlier than however was set to ensure that that day by having the perimeters of the fracture filed in order to not vibrate towards one another.

“It gave out clear notes and loud, and gave the impression to be in wonderful situation till midday. Then it obtained a kind of compound fracture in a zig-zag route by way of one in all its [slotted] sides [to the top of the bell]. This put it utterly out of tune and left it a mere wreck of what it was.”

Whitechapel in 1945 supplied to soften down and recast the bell with a splash extra tin, however the supply was politely declined. The slot-formerly-crack is simply too firmly entrenched in American historical past.

At the moment

Through the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration, the Liberty Bell was moved to an outside pavilion within the foreyard of Independence Corridor. There, visiting Individuals can go to the relict any time.

Might 18, 2003


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