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We go across the Bo Bo Aung Shrine and behind it we keep in entrance of the Temple of Dhammazedi and Dhammapala constructed by the Mon king Dhammazedi. Normally, temples, pagodas, shrines, and many others. are guarded by a pair of chinthes, devas, nagas, ogres, and so forth however that is totally different at this temple in as far as it’s guarded by one chinthe (left) and one tiger (proper). The temple homes two Buddha statues and folks say that the temple is positioned the place the beam of sunshine concentrated by the diamond orb (sein bu) of the Shwedagon Pagoda hits the terrace. This can be true however neither have I ever seen the ray myself nor have I ever met anybody in one who did. Some sources say that the Temple of Dhammazedi and Dhammapala is without doubt one of the 9 Shwedagon Pagoda wonders and that the Sandawdwin Pagoda is just not considered one of them; others say vice versa.

We proceed southwards and have now reached the Jap Stairway. Right here on the prime of the stairway king Dhammazedi positioned in 1485 the Dhammazedi stones we now have seen within the north-eastern nook the place they have been moved to in 2008. This stairway, extra exactly the doorway at avenue degree, was additionally the place have been on 15 March 1929 a celebration came about on the event of the return of the management of the Shwedagon Pagoda to the Burmese by the British.

Reverse the japanese stairway is the Kakusandha Buddha Adoration Corridor. Contained in the corridor are a number of Buddha statues however the principle Buddha is, after all, the one this corridor is devoted to: the 25th Buddha, Kakusandha Buddha, in an illuminated cave behind the corridor. This statue has like the opposite foremost Buddha’s a neon halo and is made from stone after the unique statue was severely broken by the nice fireplace in 1931. What’s placing right here is the truth that not solely the palm of Kakusandha Buddha’s hand is turned upwards as an alternative of being as ordinary turned downwards but additionally these of three of the 4 in entrance of his cave sitting Buddha statues. That is in to date placing as this mudra is just not in conformity with any of the various mudras prescribed within the previous scripts.

The Kakusandha Buddha is without doubt one of the 9 wonders of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Kakusandha Buddha Adoration Corridor that fell sufferer to the nice fireplace on the Shwedagon Pagoda in 1931 was initially in-built 1841 by king Tharrawaddy Min’s chief queen, Ma Might Gale and the primary time renovated in 1869. After being, following the nice fireplace, re-built primarily based on the unique plans it was re-opened in 1940.

On the appropriate hand facet of the Kakusandha adoration corridor you’ll be able to see the Golden Shan Umbrellas.

To the left and proper of the corridor is a Planetary Publish for the Moon. Certainly one of you stated that he’s Tiger; was it you? OK, then you’re born on a Monday and that is your house to carry out your devotional ‘yadayar’. We’re ready and when you’re again I’ll let you know one thing in regards to the Tawa Gu Buddha.

Now we check out the Tawa Gu Buddha who’s positioned on the higher terrace of the Shwedagon stupa in a distinct segment above and behind the Kakusandha Buddha adoration corridor. The terrace is a few 18 ft/6 metres broad and accessible by stairs situated beside the Konagamana Buddha Adoration Corridor on the southern stairway.

As it’s possible you’ll keep in mind this terrace can’t be visited by ladies and requires for males the permission of the Shwedagon Pagoda Safety. Nevertheless, we will see the statue from right here on the monitor on the column over there within the Kakusandha Buddha devotion corridor. The Tawa Gu Buddha who is claimed to have a Ruby inside his head and can be able to working miracles. The statue is comparatively small and is totally different from all the opposite Buddha statues on the Shwedagon in as far as his eyes give a unique expression to the face. I’ve coronary heart individuals describing the eyes as ‘actual’ or ‘energetic’. Owing to the Rubies on the forehead and in his eyes enshrined there by Bo Bo Aung (properly, individuals consider that) and his ‘energetic’ eyes the Tawa Gu Buddha can be referred to as ‘Full of life Ruby Eyes Buddha’ in Burmese ‘Padamya Myet Shin Buddha’. The Tawa Gu Buddha is without doubt one of the 9 wonders of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Having admired the Tawa Gu Buddha we see diagonally throughout on the appropriate hand facet of the japanese stairway the U Nyo Pavilion, which was accomplished in 1938. What makes this pavilion value mentioning is which you can right here see a number of fantastically carved wood jatakas depicting scenes of Gautama Buddhas life together with the scene of Siddhartha’s beginning celebration in the midst of which the hermit Asita foresaw that Siddhartha would at some point grow to be both an incredible king or nice holy man.

Oh, you’re fortunate. Look over there. You see the individuals with the Htishwes (golden umbrellas) over there? Sure, you’re proper. That could be a Shin Pyu Procession.

Persevering with southwards we at the moment are on the Hamsa Prayer Pillar. The Hamsa prayer pillar has its identify from the golden fowl on the highest of it. The Hamsa Fowl, additionally referred to as Hintha Fowl, is the sacred fowl of the Hamsawaddy (Hansawaddy) Mon Dynasty. For that reason the Hamsa (Hintha) Fowl, representing good union, good steadiness and ideal life, was on the flags of the Mon kingdoms and continues to be on the flags of the Pegu (Bago) Division and the Mon State. Devotees praying at this submit consider that they may grow to be as wholesome, profitable and wealthy because the kings and queens of this dynasty.

Excellent from the Hamsa prayer pillar in route of the principle stupa we now have right here the Planetary Publish for the Mars situated within the south-east of the Shwedagon Pagoda terrace. As it’s possible you’ll keep in mind the Mars corresponds to Tuesday born and is related to the lion. Somebody of you born on a Tuesday? You? Nicely, then right here is the place to make your ‘yadayar’, in different phrases, to advertise your luck. If you end up prepared we are going to proceed.

Now we flip proper and over there you already see the pavilion of the southern stairway the place we now have began our stroll across the central stupa our circumambulation, respectively. However earlier than we go into the south-eastern nook to relaxation a couple of minutes beneath the Bodhi tree that was planted there after which return to the japanese stairway to go away the Shwedagon Pagoda as a way to proceed our ‘Yangon Pagoda Sight Seeing Tour’ we go to the constructing situated to the left of the higher touchdown of the southern stairway.

Right here we’re. That is the Corridor of Carousel. Allow us to step nearer and you will note why this constructing is known as Corridor of the Carousel. Sure, as a result of there’s a gradual turning carousel with 4 silver bowls on it. Do you see what these locals are doing? Proper, they attempt to toss cash into the bowls. I’ve right here some cash for you and you must be a part of them and do as they do. Why? Nicely, as a result of once you achieve putting your coin in one of many bowls you should have luck. I feel it is value a strive.

Ha, you see, a few of you made it. Be completely happy, that may be a good signal. By the way in which, right here on the partitions you’ll be able to see very lovely wooden carvings. Ranging from the left facet they’re telling the story of Bhuridatta, the Naga Prince, often known as Bhuridatta jataka.

Stepping out of the corridor of carousal we now have the central stupa in entrance of us and switch proper into japanese route.

Having arrived on the south-eastern nook of the principle platform we will see diagonally throughout within the far south-eastern nook the bodhi tree. That’s the place we now go to relaxation a bit within the shadow of the Bodhi Tree.

OK, allow us to sit down benefit from the view and have some cookies and water. This one is just like the Bo bushes within the north-western nook grown from a reducing of the very Bodhi Tree in northern India beneath which as Buddhists consider Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment (bodhi).

Having gathered some strengths we return to the japanese stairway and go away the Shwedagon Pagoda. We at the moment are about two third down from the pagoda platform and should cross the Ar Za Ni Road that divides the stairway in a decrease half and an higher half.

From right here you’ll be able to take taxis once you need to go away the pagoda from right here or arrive right here by taxi for those who so want. In southern route the Ar Za Ni Road leads within the former Lake Street, now U Htaung Bo Street the place the southern stairway that we now have used to climb as much as the Shwedagon Pagoda is situated. In northern route it’s, passing the northern entrance, main within the West Shwegondaing Street.

We now have reached the foot of the stairway and right here in entrance of the fence on the finish of the stone slaps the ground is paved with we will placed on our slippers.

Now we now have left the Shwedagon Pagoda compound and as you’ll be able to see right here too are two chinthes guarding the stairway. Nevertheless, these ones are loads smaller than the chinthes guarding the doorway to the southern stairway.

That is now the Kyar Taw Ya Road. Listed here are some small meals and memento stalls and some steps additional down the road is the nook of Kyar Taw Ya Road and Yae Ta Shae Road. So, right here on our left is the Bahan Market (Zay) Corridor. All alongside Yae Ta Shae Road operating left are outlets promoting meals, flowers, paper umbrellas, hand followers, monk robes, monk slippers, monk umbrellas, oh properly, simply every part devotees could need to have previous to their visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda and/or one of many monasteries.

That is the top of our go to to the Shwedagon Pagoda. I hope you may have loved it and that we’ll meet once more.


Supply by Markus Burman

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