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Someday BLU-RAY gamers and their future iterations might be mounted in your BLU-RAY thoughts itself. Layers of recent psychological colleges might be grown right into a bridge between your thoughts, BLU-RAY actuality machines and a Cyber Essence.

Conceivably your BLU-RAY “actuality” might be primarily based on a by no means ending ephemeral ether-consciousness present solely in advanced algorithms present as states of quantum shifting mass-less semi-spiritual vapors “misplaced” however for tiny threads in infinitely rising multiverses.

What’s the potential of a BLU-RAY participant if the longer term in your life? Will a 2020 or 3020 BLU-RAY not solely maintain sight and sound however style, contact, scent and palpable emotional impulses capable of stimulate your cerebral cortex past what the conventional senses can present? Will you may have a surreal-cortex, a hyper-cortex, a cyber quantum zepto non secular cortex?

BLU-RAY “Coronary heart Assault” “film” media so horrifying you need to be suicidal to play it. Films that may kill, sensual BLU-RAY hypercortex 11 dimensional emotion “dream motion pictures” higher than intercourse once you have been 18.

“Hyper-Cortex wives and husbands, lovers and masters, slaves and demons, saints and gods. Hyper-Cortex Rhett Butlers, Angelina Jollies and Anima characters. Extra tactile actuality than now doable, extra emotion rippling scenes than you may have ever skilled. Ranges of mental agility, cultural sensitivity, quantum-zepto pushed existence notion.

Motio Divina: The Quantum Leap to a State of Grace through a supernatural present to the mind. BLU-RAY perfumes so evocative you’ll recall each sensation of your life, day by day’s feelings you’ve got ever had from start to the morning simply skilled. You’ll relive the primary kiss you ever had, the primary time you made love, the primary inkling of being in love and even the fear of awaking and figuring out you did not research for the take a look at right now. Your best moments, your worst moments, retrievable as greater than the residing expertise of them you first had. Hyper realities, hyper consciousnesses, hyper universes, hyper realities.

With reminiscence enhancements and reminiscence Hyper-Enhancements you’ll obtain the reminiscences (full with all sensations and even added sensations) of anybody who has uploaded their very own. Obtain a assassin’s moments simply earlier than and through his heinous act and KNOW how he felt, perceive his sadism, scent the blood, hear the razor minimize after which “know” his thoughts higher than he may ever realize it.

Add your preternatural goals and Eskimos, college lecturers and presidents can co-experience your very psyche, your more-than-most intimate soul.

Superior BLU-RAY expertise and its progeny may give start to metaphysical worlds through which dream states can turn into extra actual that actuality, actuality can turn into subordinate to your favourite state of surreal existence. You’ll know grace and disgrace, concern and love, the eternity of a life sentence, the apprehension of your final hour on earth as you enter the gasoline chamber…time and again and over. The surprising emotional devastation of shedding a baby, or of falling right into a grinder, of being burned alive. Of constructing like to 100 lovers whereas travelling by means of house to the Andromeda Nebula in a bubble-shield of zepto-matter.

BLU-RAY expertise can ultimately get rid of your personal thoughts utterly.

Within the fullness of the SINGULARITY’s transmogrification of the universe we all know the human consciousness won’t want a mind to carry it in any respect.

From human to push-button transfiguration.

New HYPER-CONSCIOUS life kinds will float throughout the opacity of house and with Quantum Entanglement be capable to instantaneously exist in all universes, in all matter, in all “empty” house always, and at no time. Time will “die” as an idea for it by no means existed.

We are going to lose our will to reside, to study, to evolve. It is going to be the dying, of knowledge, of glory, of righteousness and evil. Triumph and loss will stop to have which means to us for brand spanking new feelings will come about. Maybe our world of countable and describable feelings is barely a tiny fraction of what can exist in a hyper-conscious state.

We are going to lose our concern of dying and embrace the everlasting lifetime of a trillion universes.

BLU-RAY’s youngsters will leap from the diving boards of science and plunge us into the sunshine and warmth of our consumptive intestines and we will start to devour the vacancy of house and the whole lot in it for to devour all is our objective, our ultimate future.

We are going to turn into the Entropic BLU-RAY Folks of science fiction’s wildest potential. We are going to turn into the dysfunction and uncertainty in all methods. The rationale for existence will turn into meaningless. We are going to exist as ectoparasitic-quantum wisps.

As soon as we’re in a state of inert uniformity we will attain the top of our design objective and “future idea” suggests we should always start once more however earlier than we are able to start we could have all of eternity to surpass. Solely through a plank of limitless size can we expire. Eternity and infinity should cross paths on a airplane through which we should additionally discover ourselves earlier than we are able to hope to untangle our souls from all universes. After reaching the tri-plane crossroads we will cross over and attain an unknown state of non-existence for which no description could be drawn from our facet.

BLU-RAY and Singularity’s AI will enable us to see methods of making mass from empty house, house from mass and a highway to the elongation of our universe past the manifest enlargement, past the estimated 1 trillion years of life our universe nonetheless has.

Working with superior D-Wave Programs 16-qubit adiabatic scalable quantum computer systems we’ll create new methods of accelerating the qubits to giga digits which can evolve and from there the time period SINGULARITY will turn into crossé could have no additional significance in science.

As new ideas manifest themselves new names for them should be created. What lies past the boundaries of the SINGULARITY and the tri-plane crossroads can’t be guessed at and so new names can’t simply be created which have precise referential significance. Not less than not right now, March 22nd 2008. Can our computer systems in the future present us what lies past the SINGULARITY and the tri-plane crossroads?


An organization known as D-Wave guarantees 1,024 qubits Quantum Computing by the center of 2008. They’ve achieved 16 qubits already and are scaling up quick.

Utilizing a QUANTUM COMPUTER with commonplace computer systems to unravel the puzzles of making 3D or 11 D BLU-RAY devises might be elementary for it. From 1,024 qubits shortly it scales to Yobi (Yi) = 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 = 280 binary.

“Shortly” may imply nanoseconds from the purpose of beginning on the 1,024 qubit degree.

What’s visible consciousness?

Quantum waveform formulation can really reveal that what your “eye” sees does not change however your acutely aware expertise does. So is life merely slices of finite sheets or panes with out fluid connectivity to a “time continuum” existence? Time, maybe does not really exist and in that case could be eradicated in physic’s equations. Can we seize a sheet of existence and manipulate it on a quantum scale? Can we flip it right into a donut, an algorithm, a thought or a magnetic mirror world of glowing sheets of waters fall into iridescent oceans? The hardened crenellations will topple and no vagueness will exist anymore.

Can we create BLU-RAY “sheets-of-moments”, reverse them to stable mass and mount them on a wall? Membranic Psycho-Dramas on parsec scales in your nightstand?

Ontology dwarfed and outmoded by the failure of existence to be provable.

We should measure existence as “parallax of 1 second of arc” from one membranic slab of “existence” to a different.

Is imaginative and prescient a quantum phenomenon?

Is all actuality a quantum phenomenon? Can future BLU-RAY gadgets implant a number of consciousnesses into your thoughts?

Is that this then Quantum Psychosis? Are you able to trade one for the opposite comparable to a BLU-RAY participant with 2 motherboards put in, one for REGION A BLU-RAY and REGION 1 DVD discs and the opposite for REGION B and REGION 2 discs? Upon waking you select your existence and playback your personal life or anybody’s life who will enable the obtain.

Will we drive psycho-soul thoughts downloads of criminals, politicians, violent youngsters for the frequent good?

Quantum Neuroimaging saved as information, performed again at will. Patterns within the mind altering as scenes play out full with not solely the identified senses however with a couple of QUANTUM MANUFACTURED further ones as effectively.

That is actuality as a quantum impact, working at a macro scale.

The battering rams of BLU-RAY and Nano applied sciences by means of the usage of utilized physics, supplies science, interface and colloid science, system physics and supramolecular chemistry will produce self-replicating machines and robotics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, organic engineering, and electrical engineering on subatomic scales which can break all limitations to data; however BLU-RAY and Nanotechnology are removed from the top. They’re hardly even a starting.

There are worlds to discover within the BLU-RAY gamers of tomorrow. Tinier but. All of the darkish curtains of the unknown will open and from them will spring wondrous waters of information past our kin. Knowledge so wealthy as to be incomprehensible for essentially the most half.

“Pico”, “femto”, “atto” and zepto and we are able to weigh a virus.

Zepto is the newest and smallest of all, to this point.

At simply the nanoscale we now have lengthy produced nanoelectromechanical methods, or NEMS. However what are attograms. The mass of a virus is about 10 attograms. An attogram is one-thousandth of a femtogram, which is one-thousandth of a picogram, which is one-thousandth of a nanogram, which is a billionth of a gram. Nonetheless, we now have not reached zepto on this description of sizes.

On the atto vary of scale utilizing cantilevers and by noting the change an added mass produced within the frequency of vibration measurements could be made in attograms.

Utilizing different cantilever lengths and oscillators the minimal resolvable mass can be .37 of an attogram. With refinements, the gadgets might be prolonged to the zeptogram vary, or one one-thousandth of an attogram. At this layer of measurable sizes cantilevers can detect and establish DNA molecules, proteins and different organic molecules by coating them with antibodies or different supplies that will bind to the targets. Some have claimed to have completed this already.

BLU-RAY Consciousness and Zeptogram Mems.

Reaching just under zeptogram limits we’d discover quantum physics and the “magic” of entanglement.

Photons have already been despatched throughout 2 entangled electrons.

There isn’t any identified distance too broad to dam the transmission of photons if not information as effectively. This might imply instantaneous communication throughout the depths of our universe and at a sub-quantum mechanical degree of existence we may be capable to transmit info to different universes and search parallel consciousnesses. Additional analysis may produce the power to ship mass throughout such an entangled state. Does this suggest we may ship a robotic to a parallel universe and draw him again by means of?

Different civilizations in different universes might have already begun sending us photos of their world(s). Full BLU-RAY consciousnesses could also be surrounding us proper now if solely we had the play again system, the MULTI-REGION BLU-RAY of parallel worlds. Or, the MULTI-UNIVERSE BLU-RAY participant of tomorrow.

Tomorrow you may add all of the volumes of information within the universe, change your persona, change you bodily look, develop younger to any age you would like, reside eternally with out illness, sickness, struggling or disappointment, improve all of your senses, turn into an ideal bodily mannequin of your model of essentially the most engaging individual you may think about.

You’ll be able to change your race, your shade, your intercourse, develop wings and fly, turn into a dinosaur, a live performance pianist, a linguist, a fantastic composer, artist, author or poet. There aren’t any limits to the mixed fields we communicate of. Grow to be a fish or a spaceship.

As soon as the algorithms of what constitutes fantastic artwork, nice music the proper film plot and script are identified any correctly configured laptop program can start creating countless works of genius for each style, all totally free, all completed in HYPER-3D Hyper Actuality and accessible 24/7.

The necessity of sleep might be eradicated. You may by no means lose time looking for a sock or your keys.

The world of higher than 3D existence, higher than consciousness, higher than Heaven and Hell might be free and so will you.

Supply by John Dulaney

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