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Wang Yi, director of dietotherapy and Nutrition Department of Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, as the saying goes, “a hundred dishes are not as good as Chinese cabbage”. Chinese cabbage is not only delicious but also nutritious. Among them, clotting hemostase can prevent stroke, molybdenum can prevent cancer. Most people often choose to cook Cabbage by stir frying or cold mixing, but I prefer “steaming”. Choose Chinese cabbage with thin leaves and prepare meat stuffing. Remove most of the cabbage sticks, blanch the leaves and spread them on a clean board. Mix the meat stuffing according to your own taste. For example, in order to balance the animal protein and plant protein, you can add some chopped bean products (such as tofu) into the meat stuffing. In addition, you can also add mushroom, agaric and other foods. In addition, add some green onion, ginger, soy sauce and salt to the meat stuffing. After mixing the stuffing, the stuffing was wrapped in Chinese cabbage and steamed. About 15 minutes of steaming, the cabbage outside changes color, and the meat inside is cooked, and then it can be put out.


are very suitable for eating at noon and at night. You can choose to eat it hot or cool. This dish’s biggest characteristic lies in the practice health, the meat and vegetable collocation is reasonable. And steamed vegetables retain the nutrition of the dishes to the greatest extent.

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