beancurd a little moldy to eat?

a little moldy, in fact, there is no big problem, but moldy serious smell can not be eaten.

1. The hairiness of Yuba is due to the breeding of mold. The metabolites of mold are rich in various mycotoxins, which are harmful to human health. Eating unclean and moldy food is easy to cause food poisoning. Food poisoning refers to the non infectious acute or subacute diseases after people ingest biological and chemical toxic and harmful substances or take them as food intake, which belongs to the category of food borne diseases. The most common symptoms of food poisoning are severe vomiting and diarrhea, accompanied by abdominal pain. Among them, aflatoxin even has carcinogenic effect. Mycotoxins are classified as a class of carcinogens by the World Health Organization (who) cancer agencies. They have strong toxicity and carcinogenicity. Their toxicity is 68 times greater than that of frost. They damage liver organs seriously and easily pollute food, thus endangering human health. In order to prolong the preservation time of Yuba, the Yuba with high moisture content can be dried in the air to reduce the moisture content to 12-14%. Then it is put into food bags, tightly tied, and placed in a cool, ventilated and dry place below 33 ℃.

4. Scald it with boiling water to wash away those moldy things. Then wash it with warm water again, and you can use it for cooking. If it’s moldy, throw it away. There are a lot of methods for


to quickly foam


. The following is for reference only.

1. After breaking the beancurd into small strips that you like, put them into a big bowl filled with water, and then put in one or two spoons of salt. Don’t be afraid to put more salt. If you wash it more, it will be better. After adding salt, take a slightly smaller plate and press it on the beancurd to prevent it from floating out of the water, which will affect the effect of hair foaming. After pressing for about 20 minutes, the bean curd is completely soaked. Then either boil or fry it. If you have a microwave oven at home, you can use the microwave oven to soak bean curd, which is faster. The specific method is: first break the beancurd into small pieces, and then put it into a bowl with water, and then put it into the microwave oven and sting for about 4 minutes. The beancurd is completely soaked. Don’t soak the beancurd in boiling water, otherwise it will cause uneven hardness, even rotten outside and hard inside. Dry beancurd is very light, when soaking, there will always be a small part floating on the water surface, and some places can not be soaked. When soaking, cover a plate on the top to let the beancurd soak in the water, so as to ensure that every place is soaked. It’s also a good way to soak Yuba in the microwave oven. Use a container with a cover and heat it at high temperature for three to five minutes. Depending on the amount of bean curd, it will be ready quickly. It’s time-saving for office workers. Generally, warm water is used to make Yuba. A few drops of white vinegar are added to the warm water to soak all the beancurd in the water. Of course, the beancurd will not stay in the water honestly. It will take only 4-6 hours to press the beancurd over the water with a large bowl or plate.


have high glutamic acid content. Glutamic acid has a very good effect on the human brain, not only can refresh the mind and brain, but also can improve the effect of memory.


2. The phospholipid composition of Yuba can reduce the content of cholesterol in blood and prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Eating more can prevent cardiovascular disease and protect the normal operation of cardiovascular function.


3. Although Yuba is rich in nutrition, it is not recommended for babies with weak digestive function to eat it. Moreover, Yuba is a kind of hair, which is easy to cause allergy. It is recommended to eat it when the baby is older.

4. Yuba contains a variety of minerals and rich calcium, the elderly often eat Yuba can supplement calcium to prevent osteoporosis, children eat more can also take calcium to promote bone development. It is very beneficial to the bone growth of children and the elderly. However, children and the elderly eat Yuba do not go through high-temperature frying Oh, it is too hot and too much fat.

5, 100 grams of bean curd contains 16.50 mg of iron, which belongs to iron rich food, often eat Yuba can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia.

6. The content of glutamic acid in Yuba is very high, which is 2-5 times of that of other legumes or animal foods, and glutamic acid plays an important role in brain activity. Therefore, Yuba has a good brain function and can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The above content of

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