Apple stop diarrhea? Apple is a kind of fruit with low calorie. Its nutrient is soluble and easy to be absorbed by human body. It is beneficial to dissolve sulfur element and make skin smooth and tender. Vitamin C in apples is a healthy element for people with heart disease. Apple also has copper, potassium, iodine, manganese, zinc, and other elements, if the human body is lack of these elements, the skin will be dry, easy to crack, itchy symptoms. Vitamin C in apple is the protective god of cardiovascular and the health element of patients with heart disease. Apples are called “all-round healthy fruit” — an apple a day keeps doctors away from me. Eating more apples can also improve the respiratory system and lung function, so that the lungs are not affected by the dust in the air.


apples are rich in tannin, dietary fiber, pectin and other special substances. Tannic acid can reduce intestinal secretion and reduce water content in stool, thus stopping diarrhea. Boiled pectin has anti diarrhea effect. Dietary fiber also plays a role in defecation. Tannic acid is contained in the flesh and peel, the content of peel is more abundant, pectin is contained in the pulp, near the skin is rich, so when eating cooked apples, it is best to eat with the skin, the effect of anti diarrhea will be better.


should pay attention to the fact that boiled apples have antidiarrheal effect, but eating raw apples not only has no antidiarrheal effect, but also may aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea. Because unheated pectin can soften stool and relieve constipation. If the symptoms of diarrhea can be prevented by boiling the apple in the water for a few minutes, then put it into the water for 5 minutes.


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