selle ITALIA SLR Lady Flow
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Black Friday selle ITALIA SLR Lady Flow black friday 2020 heforx Bicycle Bike
Price: $109.99
(as of Sep 03,2020 09:14:16 UTC – Details)

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If you’re looking for a sturdy, supportive platform fordoling out the watts and prefer to let your chamois do the cushioning insteadof a squishy and power robbing, flexy saddle, we urge you to have a look at theWomen’s specific SLR Lady Flow L Saddle from Selle Italia. It provides the sameattention to detail and lightweight build as its Men’s counterpart with someslight refinements making it more accommodating for the female anatomy. Thissaddle is ready to rack up the racing and training miles and is slightly widerat 145mm, compared to the SLR Lady Flow S’s 131mm width, favoring those withsit bones slightly further apart. The lightweight and firm shell holds up toseasons of riding and has just the right amount of padding to mute road noise. Selle Italia adds 30% carbon fiber to help reinforce theother 70% nylon makeup for the shell. This lets it drop grams, add a touch ofcompliance, and increase strength. This tuned structure adds just enough giveto take the edge off vibrations without it feeling like you have a squishy reartire losing air. Its 275mm length lends plenty of real estate for moving aroundand getting comfortable while deeply aero in the drops or sitting upright,hands on the tops, grinding away up a precipitous climb. Its large centercutout will help relieve pressure on the perineum and other sensitive parts soyou’re able to ride in comfort for longer. Underneath the durable Fibra-Tek microfiber cover is a touchmore padding for the ischial bones helping to take the sting out ofhigh-frequency vibrations over rough roads. The Fibra-Tek is long-wearing and easierto care for and lighter than leather covers. In one last concession to weightsavings, the saddle is equipped with Selle Italia’s TI 316 alloy 7mm rails,which allows this saddle to work with most seatposts and tip the scales atclaimed 190-grams.

DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Our MTB bike saddle has a microfiber cover material, Fibra-Tek, that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight
EXTRA PADDING – Increased padding in this road saddle ensures durable riding positioning for long distances and provides the rider protection against skin inflammation
TITANIUM RAILS – The SLR Lady Flow bike road saddle is made with 07mm TI 316 rails which increase resistance and durability by up to 25% and reduce weight by 15% when compared with traditional rails
OUR GUARANTEE – Selle Italia guarantees its products against material and/or manufacturing defects for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase


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