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Black friday 2020 31 Reasons To Shop Online for Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Iteya.com
Amazon Black Friday deals
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year. This video explains 31 of the benefits of shopping online at as opposed as to just shopping in traditional retail stores.

These 31 benefits are:
1.Its safe
2.Its efficient
3.Its cheaper
4.24/7 shopping
5.Dont have to get ready
6.Dont have to drive in traffic
7.Dont have to walk
8.Clothing is optional
9.Dont have to wait in line
10.Bigger selection
11.Find the best price easily
12.Dont waste money on gas
13.Dont pollute environment
14.No sales tax
15.Earn free Amazon & eBay gift cards
16.Sign up in 3 easy steps
17.Free to join
18.No spam
19.Choose your favorite stores quickly
20.Product search
21.Store categories
22.Easily see what products a store sells
23.Easily see how many points Ill get at each store
24.View stores coupons, deals & sales
25.Ability to sort products
26.User ratings
27.Product reviews
28.Flexible payments
29.$105 in free point offers
30.Quickly receive points
31.Quickly receive gift cards


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