has entered the spring, the cold weather and dry air are still bothering people, and the moisturizing of skin can not be ignored, but there are still many women who are worried about how to do a good job of skin moisturizing. Under normal circumstances, when women are doing skin moisturizing, the most common method is to rub all kinds of moisturizing cream and beauty liquid, or apply a moisturizing mask, even to absorb collagen and ceramide, which are the main ingredients of the skin.

but why is the skin still dry after taking so many measures? Japanese experts said that if you want to keep your skin moist and shiny, you must pay attention to diet. There are 2% sebum, 18-20% natural moisturizing factor and 80% ceramide in the skin. Under their joint action, people can keep the skin moist. But the human body cannot synthesize the materials that make up these substances by itself, and must rely on food supply. This is why the skin moist and diet inseparable reason.

dry skin? Or because of insufficient amino acid intake, about 40% of the natural moisturizing factors (NMF) of


that keep skin moist need amino acid composition. In our body, including the skin, nails, hair, are made of protein, and protein is composed of amino acids. Among the more than 20 kinds of amino acids that make up the human body, 9 kinds of amino acids can not be synthesized by human body, and they must be taken from diet every day. These amino acids are called “essential amino acids”.


natural moisturizing factors and collagen require amino acids as raw materials. Therefore, if the protein content in daily diet is insufficient and the quality is poor, it is easy to lead to the decline of skin quality and the decrease of skin moisture. In fact, in a comparative study of people with good skin and those with poor skin, it was found that people with skin problems had significantly lower amino acid intake than those with good skin. So, how much protein do you need to eat every day to keep your skin moist? In principle, every meal should have as much protein as one hand.


but not any protein can eat beautiful skin, should be in the diet as far as possible to eat rich in 9 kinds of essential amino acids, such food protein score can go to full score, if there are nine kinds of essential amino acids, it is called high-quality protein.


do not eat oil, it is easy to cause dry skin.


in the skin, responsible for 80% of the function of maintaining skin moisture is ceramide, linoleic acid is one of the components of ceramide, but also one of the essential fatty acids that human body can not synthesize by itself. Animal experiments have found that once the lack of essential essential fatty acids for skin moisturizing, skin elasticity will be significantly weakened, and it is easy to cause sensitive dermatitis.

for most women, oil is a kind of high-energy, easy to cause obesity, so many women often do not eat oil, but if the normal oil intake can not reach, it is easy to appear dry skin, constipation, emotional anxiety and other symptoms. In addition, insufficient oil may lead to the deterioration of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Therefore, it is advisable to eat olive oil, salmon, avocado, bluefish, walnuts and other foods appropriately. They contain fatty acids of oil, which can provide sufficient high-quality fatty acids for the human body and prevent skin dryness.

want to beautify the skin, mineral intake is indispensable! The amino acids and fatty acids of


are indispensable nutrients to keep skin moist. Foods containing these two substances include meat, fish, eggs and soybeans. Of course, it’s not just amino acids and fatty acids that keep your skin moist. There are many other minerals. For example, zinc can promote the metabolism of the skin, iron can improve the problem of dark circles and dark yellow skin, as well as B vitamins, which are called “dermatology vitamins”, are important skin beauty materials.


especially in China, most women are lack of iron and zinc. The lack of blood easily leads to low metabolism, sallow complexion, dark eye circles and dark yellow complexion. In addition, some of the patients with iron deficiency anemia are also zinc deficiency anemia. If you do not supplement enough zinc and only supplement iron, anemia symptoms can not be improved. If you want good zinc supplement, you may as well eat some oysters. As trace elements,


are also closely related to the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors and collagen. Iron and zinc are mostly found in red meat, fish and shellfish. Many women who lose weight will be isolated from this kind of food, but they must not lose their skin because of weight loss. What they should eat is to eat, and at the same time, increase exercise, you can lose weight and beautify skin!

does not eat breakfast, skin is easy to aging?

skin is closely related to diet, but beautiful skin is not only related to nutrition, but also related to blood glucose. When people’s postprandial blood glucose is higher than 150mg / dl, ages (advanced glycation end products) are easily accumulated in the skin, which is the main cause of melasma, dark yellow skin and wrinkles. Because ages can not only coking collagen, but also lead to protein coking in bones, blood vessels, hair roots and other parts. Once formed by coking, it is difficult for the human body to remove this substance. Therefore, should pay attention to eat less sweets and refined carbohydrates, to avoid a sharp rise in postprandial blood sugar.


in addition to food can lead to blood sugar rise, some studies have found that do not eat breakfast will also make blood sugar value easy to rise, when do not eat breakfast, blood glucose value is easy to maintain at a relatively high level, promote the aging of the body. Therefore, even if they want to lose weight again, for the sake of health, women should insist on eating breakfast every day!

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