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Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that make the biggest difference – like these 10 life hacks. Why struggle to open a box when inserting a piece of string when you tape it closed can make easy?

Don’t waste plastic when you have a leftover lemon when just a toothpick can keep is fresh. A soda pop tab can come to the rescue when you need to hang something on the wall.

A paperclip and a rubber band can be used to bind hole-punched papers. Turn an inexpensive pencil sharpener into a makeshift paper cutter with some hot glue.

Clothes slipping off the hanger? Keep them secure with just a couple of rubber bands. If you find yourself alone with no one to help zip up your dress, a piece of string can be your best friend.

Try combining zip ties to secure something that’s too large for one. Remedy an unsightly nail hole in wood with a toothpick and some glue and if you think you’re out of paintbrushes to stain your latest project, turn to your kitchen sponge.

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